This site was started in March of 2004 to serve a couple of purposes. First, as the site’s name suggests, I wanted to have a place to write things down so I would not forget them. Many of my tasks at work need to be repeated on a very occasional basis and I found myself having to re-learn the process whenever the time came to do them again. If I wrote my notes down here, I reasoned, I would always know where to find them.

Secondly, I wanted to start writing again. Since college, I had not done as much writing and found that I missed it. As much as I don’t like to admit to it it, I tend to get up in arms about things, and being able to write my thoughts down here serves as a sort of therapy.

Finally, I wanted a place where I could share pictures and thoughts with people. I never anticipated that this site would reach as many people as it does, and I very much enjoy the feedback and discussions that have spawned from some of my stories. In many cases the comments have provided much more meaningful content than the original story itself.

On redistribution of this site’s content:
There have been a few folks who wish to republish the content found on this site. It has always been my belief that the web should be kept as open as possible, so I am happy to allow those wishing to do so the option of reproducing the content I have written on their own site. I do require, however, that any republication or reproduction be accompanied by a citation and link back to the original content on this site. I’m more than happy to share, but please don’t plagiarize my work. For more information please see the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.