Migrating Veritas Volume Manager disk groups between servers

Never having been to Veritas Volume Manager training, I was feeling quite a bit of stress when my manager asked me to do a box upgrade on our most critical server. I remember wondering how in the world I was going to figure out the details of moving our Volume Manager configuration over the the new server. What was more, we had been taking care of ALL raid, including the boot drives with Volume Manager, and I wanted to start using Disk Suite all of our non fiber storage. Well, I figured it out, and it really is not all that hard… The most important thing is that you keep your external storage all in one disk group. Read more for details on how I did it.

The first thing to know is that you have to have at least one disk in the root disk group (rootdg). Most of our servers have four internal drives, so I mirror the first two sith Disk Suite, and let Volume Manager take care of the other two. At any rate, you have to run vxinstall on the new server, and add at least one drive to the root disk group. This will also set up Volume Manager in general. Once you’ve gone through all the hoops of vxinstall, reboot the new server.

Now, on the old server, you have to “deport” the disk group you want to attach to the new server. We’ll pretend that /u01 and /u02 are the mount points of your disk disk group. Here is how to “deport” them:

First, umount the filesystems.
umount /u01
umount /u02

Next, display the disks and disk groups just to make sure you are working with the disks you think you are, and that they are in the right disk group. both “vxprint -ht” and “vxdisk list” will do this, but I like vxdisk more because it is simpler to read the output.
vxdisk list

So long as everything is as it should be, you can now go about “deporting” the disk group.
vxdg deport diskgroup

Now unplug the fiber, and plug it into your new server. Do a “reboot — – r” or a boot -r at the “ok” prompt, and check to make sure the external storage can be seen in “format”.

So long as you can see it in format, it’s just a simple matter of importing the old disk group into the new disk group configuration.

vxdg import diskgroup

Now all you have to do is reboot your system, and the volume should be ready to go.

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