Technical Diving Photo Albums

Back in the Fall of 2002, a bunch of us headed up to the Nautilus Explorer in Vancouver to do some deep diving along the British Columbia coast. The highlight of the trip was the "Transpac", a wreck that sank prop-first, and came to rest on a shelf at 285 feet. From there it points right up the wall, where the bow can be found at 110 feet. It’s a very disorienting wreck to dive, but by far, the most interesting I’ve ever seen.

We also made a couple of other stops along the way, the most interesting of which was a great wall dive location, where we found a truly outstanding cluster of deep-water Gorgonian tree coral starting at about 200 feet.

Three days of diving on the Transpac!

Deep-water Gorgonian red tree coral.

Various other wrecks and dive sites.

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  2. Hi, I was on that trip with you and was wondering if there was a way to get a copy of this album.
    I look forward to hearing from you, thanks so much.

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