Jon’s Office Sculpture

Office life can be dull and boring, but office artist Jon Emmons has discovered a creative outlet between meetings, business luncheons, and process mapping reports by creating sculptures out of every day objects. These "everyday objects", of course are things like computer memory, Ethernet cable, and USB mice, but none-the -less, they are compelling works that give us insight into the complex mind of this office drone, and express to us his unique form of hard-hitting social commentary.

For instance, in his piece "Diagonal RAM climbing" , we can see the artist’s worries about how consumerism is constantly expanding, not only by his choice of medium, but by the way his strict and rigid lines are constantly climbing upwards towards the sky. He also seems to be predicting, by his use of thin and weak joints, that the American corporate model is fragile, and on the verge of falling apart at the slightest jolt.

We also can’t help but notice that much of Jon’s art takes the form of abstract trees and plants. Is he simply longing to see the light of day from his cubicle, or is there something deeper at work here? Perhaps, by his heavy use of wires and synthetic media, he is warning us that such over-use of these materials is damaging and mutating our environment. Or perhaps it is the artist’s own perception of reality that is being damaged and mutated by spending long days under fluorescent lights, surrounded by meetings and the sounds of copy machines.

We may never know. Like many artists, Jon is a secretive and reclusive man. He seems unwilling to divulge much about the intent or purpose of his artwork, and he declined an interview for this story. More images of Jon’s sculptures can be viewed by clicking his picture above.

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