Bad News for Donie Fowler

Things have started spiraling downward for Donnie Fowler’s chances at the DNC chair, since the Association of State Democratic Chairs voted overwhelmingly against him to support democratic rock star Howard Dean.

Donnie Fowler Jr., a party strategist and son of former national chairman Don Fowler, did enjoy a brief glint of hope Monday, when the 17 member Executive Board of the Association of State Democratic Chairs recommended him to the larger 112 member body. He even went so far as to suggest that Dean’s campaign for the position was “inevitably over”, but when all the dust settled, the Association of Chairs ignored the Executive Board, and voted for Howard Dean by a three to one margin.

Now, with the AFL-CIO staying out of the race, individual unions are free to decide which, if any candidate they wish to support. This was the final straw for Martin Frost, who had been hoping for the endorsement. He dropped out of the race on Tuesday.

It now seems as if Howard Dean is virtually sure to become the next face of the Democratic Party. Needless to say, this has Republicans worried that they may not be able to match his energetic style and ability to organize strong grass root campaigns.

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