The Howard BEAN: Begins Campaign for New Owner

The Howard BEAN: A Cafe For America has begun an international campaign for a new owner, its current owner announced today. The Montpelier, Vt., cafe opened on election day 2004 and was named (tongue-in-cheek) after a certain former Vermont Governor who is the chair of the Democratic National Committee. The cafe is also home to the monthly meetup of the Central Vermont Democracy for America.

As our cafe continues to gain a national following, we want to be certain that the person who takes over is truly the ideal candidate and will continue to serve a no-frills, affordable cup of coffee. None of that $4-a-cup, whoop-de-do, latte-boca-cucaracha-grande nonsense, says owner Patrick Mullikin. The Howard BEAN is, after all, a cafe for America.

The cafe is located at Riverwalk Records and Psychedelic Poster Gallery, which hosts the annual Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest, featured on Vermont Public Radio. Riverwalk Records was instrumental in resurrecting the again-vibrant live music scene in Montpelier and hosts in-store concerts featuring local artists.

For further information, e-mail:, or call (802) 223-3334 or (802) 229-9905.

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  1. Bob On The Auction Block?

    How would it feel? How would it feel? To be the one who owns. . . the Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest?

    Patrick Mullikin, who sold Riverwalk Records last month, is considering selling the registered trade name, The Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest.

    “While I have kept it a free community event, it does have the potential to be a money-maker for the right company or individual — say, for example, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. From a publicity standpoint, this event it is priceless. Dylan’s popularity continues to grow, and people are willing to stand up before an audience to imitate him. Odder yet is that there is an audience willing to watch all this.”

    The annual event has gained international attention and/or notoriety, during its two years, and Mullikin says he’s heard people as far away as Australia who have expressed interest in participating in next year’s event, which he had planned to hold in the fall. “We had more than 225 people attend last year’s event. I also own the registered trade name The Howard BEAN: A Cafe for America, which I might be interested in selling as well as Mr. Dean continues to gain notoriety. It would not surprise me at all to see him in the next presidential race.”

    The new owner of Riverwalk Records, Jacob Grossi, did not want to continue the cafe or purchase the Howard BEAN name.

    Interested parties may contact Mullikin at 802 229-9905 or email him at:

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