Whipped Magazine… Not real, but a funny mockup

Every now and then someone gets a crazy idea, and turns it into reality with Photoshop. I have absolutely no clue where this came from, as it was forwarded to me via e-mail from a friend, but it would seem that someone out there decided that the time had come for a magazine (or at least a fake magazine cover) for men who "do not make the decisions". I especially like “10 NEW WAYS to sleep on the couch” and “avoid confrontation; how to keep her happy without getting yelled at”.

Whiped Magazine

Whiped Magazine

3 thoughts on “Whipped Magazine… Not real, but a funny mockup

  1. Of course, this *should* be a real publication and part of the UPI (Useless Publications International) publishing conglomerate. UPI is desperate for new material, as some of it’s best ideas, such as the Pop-Up Kama Sutra, were rushed to publication by other companies before the UPI execs could get them out their own door. And now, even their best magazine ideas are being stolen, as with the periodical HOBO, clearly a ripoff from UPI’s own Hobo NOW! . All that’s left waiting in the wings is American Highway Sound Barriers : A Pictorial History, and I’m sure that some other company is working on that as well. Whipped would be a perfect candidate, and should be stolen as quickly as possible.

    -R, author of Show me your Sackbutt

    NOTE: Alan Baker is right, you should be posting more stories. However, I would recommend that you reassess what qualifies as “relevant and useful” and post more stories like Whipped and less about Solaris and Apache… 😉

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