Sex, Drugs and Public Hangings – Refrences

Sex, Drugs and Public Hangings
A series by on social deviance and punishment in the United States and Europe


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Sex, Drugs and Public Hangings
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2 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs and Public Hangings – Refrences

  1. Hi David, I met and spoke to you Sat. morning. You definitely made an impression on me with your forthright and more importantly honest and common sense views. As regards to you no longer being able to produce and export your merchandise, which although in a small way, also helps the this Country’s economy. It seems that it is alright for certain elite members of the E.U. to produce any amount of weapons and land mines and sell them to under- developed countries, juntas and terrorist organisations.(Where is Iran buying the gear and expertise to go nuclear?) However, it seems that another form of killing people goes against their myopic principals. Those countries and dictatorships will still hang people that have committed a crime against THEIR laws and will only find other avenues to purchase the equipment. Half the trouble,is the amount of official fatcats in the E.U parliament having to try and justify their positions power and coming up with hairbrained ideas that the majority of which, will be just another drain on the resources of the ordinary working man. The amount of business people (large and small)that I have come into contact with over the years that have said “no we can no longer do that because of E.U. regulations.
    Enough is enough. Common sense has been thrown out of the window in favour of these tree-hugging, head in the clouds law-makers. The sooner this adopted big-brother philosophy is ditched, the better it will be for the honest inhabitants of this country. regards john.

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