Problems with Ghost and Broadcom NetXtreme DOS drivers

I’ve been struggling to gather an image from our brand-spanking new Dell GX280’s using the Ghost Console, but I kept getting an error saying that “The DOS Network Adaptor Configuration Template is Corrupt…” after the machine initiated the reboot process and unjoined the domain. It turns out that the Broadcom NetXtreme card had some bugs, and are not compatible with the DOS driver versions included with Ghost. I found the following mention of the problem on the Symantec website:

The other NICs causing problems at the moment are the Broadcom NetXtreme (b57). Ghost 7.5 did not include any drivers for the Broadcom NICs, but Ghost 8.0/8.2 does. However, some new Broadcom NetXtreme NICs are not compatible with the DOS driver versions included with Ghost (v6.34 and v6.46). A new version has been released (v7.65), and is available here. Overwrite the b57.dos file in the Boot Wizard, or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Ghost\Templates – b57.dos. You can also check with Broadcom for the lastest NIC DOS drivers. 

Open the Ghost Boot Wizard, select the Network Boot Disk, find your NIC in the list, select Modify, and Browse to the new .DOS file. That’s generally all there is to it. You can also copy the .DOS file directly to the Templates folder listed above.

This is all well and good, but what you really need to do is the following:

  • Download the new Broadcom NetXtreme DOS drivers from here.
  • Launch the “Symantec Ghost Boot Wizard and select “Network Boot Disk”
  • Scroll down to Broadcom NetXtreme Family vX.X
  • Click “Modify” on the side
  • Next to “Filename” click “Browse” and navigate to the new b57.dos file and click “Open”
  • Exit out, and launch the “Ghost Console”

Now we have to update the “Driver Configuration Template” for the target machine.

  • Find the machine you wish to gather and double click on it
  • Click on the “Client” tab
  • Check “Use Manually Selected Template:”
  • Click “Browse” and select the newly updated driver template

The machine should now work normally when you go to gather the image using the Ghost Console.

4 thoughts on “Problems with Ghost and Broadcom NetXtreme DOS drivers

  1. Though I am working with a Realtek card your trouble shooting and resolution were excellent. I appreciate the direction; which I will probably have to follow. It just goes to show that company knowledge base have one of two things. Either they don’t have the exact error that you got (which there programmers put in the F-software) or there are so many hits that you must click through 500 links to irrelevant articles before you find one vaugely like your need.

  2. Hello,

    Experiencing the same probleme with a GX520, I use the driver provide by Dell and your “b57.dos” file but it still not work…

    With Dell driver I get an error and with this one the boot just stop during NIC driver loading 🙁

    Is there an newer b57.dos file for the last Broadcom cards?


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