Bush Takes a Vacation

Apparently all the touring of disaster areas and blaming of local governments has made poor Bush tired. It seems he and his father had to take a mini vacation and do some fishing in the Gulf Coast flood waters.

Seriously though… I love it when people get creative with Photoshop, but the reality is, George W. Bush takes an amazing number of vacation days… All told, nearly 20% of his presidency has been spent on vacation.

According to the Washington Post:

The August getaway is Bush’s 49th trip to his cherished ranch since taking office and the 319th day that Bush has spent, entirely or partially, in Crawford — nearly 20 percent of his presidency to date, according to Mark Knoller, a CBS Radio reporter known for keeping better records of the president’s travel than the White House itself. Weekends and holidays at Camp David or at his parents’ compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, bump up the proportion of Bush’s time away from Washington even further.

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