Bush Attempts Damage Control

I’d like to remind everyone who believes that Bush is finally taking responsibility for responding poorly to Katrina that both he, and the republicans running congress have repeatedly thwarted attempts to form a bipartisian committe to investigate the National government’s failures surrounding the disaster. They favor instead, a republican-led committie that will undoubtedly stage another massive coverup for this corrupt government.

This is not taking responsibility; it is damage control. It’s like asking Enron to investigate its own accounting practices and deliver an unbiased report. It is simply foolish to believe that the republican-led congress will hold the president accountable, and it is important to acknowledge that his half-hearted acceptance of responsibility is a smokescreen to divert our attention away.

Don’t let him get away with it! Criminal negligence and negligent homicide are impeachable offenses.

5 thoughts on “Bush Attempts Damage Control

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  2. I truly understand that you despise this administration, but quite frankly I tire of both listening to and reading your political rants about neo-cons. When are you going to start devoting more of your energies into the cultivation of generosity, compassion and pure silliness?

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