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With the ridiculous price of fuel these days, combined with the fact that I’ll be needing a new car soon, I’ve been thinking about what type of vehicle will fit my driving needs by handling well in mud and snow, but still get decent gas milage. I was excited to find that Best Used Tractors is importing “Japanese mini trucks” for the American market.

I was incredibly disappointed to learn, however, that the newer trucks cannot be used on US roadways, which brings me to the point of this story. If you wish to import a Japanese mini truck and use it on American roads, it must be made in 1980 or earlier to avoid restrictions. While I’m sure that the the government would claim that this is due to safety standards, or any of a hundred other bureaucratic reasons, the fact remains the same. Four wheel drive vehicles, made by respected manufacturers such as Honda may not be used on US roads even though we are entering a global fuel shortage, and they are among the most fuel efficient vehicles on the planet. Evidently, we can drive as many Hummers and Lincoln Navigators as we wish, but try to use something that sips fuel rather than guzzles it and the D.O.T. will put you in your place. It’s really a shame.

According to Best Used Tractors, the Japanese have restrictions that discourage the use of aging vehicles, so most of these mini trucks have only about 6,000 miles on them when they are decommissioned. Needless to say, these little trucks have a lot of life left in them, and a more or less steady supply of them is virtually assured.

Due to regulations Americans are unable to import a Japanese mini truck manufactured in 1998 or later. However, the average number of miles driven per year in Japan is only about 6,000, so these vehicles usually have a lot of remaining usability.

I wonder what it would take to get the U.S. government to accept them. I can imagine the person who fights these restrictions would do well in the court of public opinion with petroleum prices as high as they are.

Here are some more details about the trucks:

Starting in the sixties the Japanese manufactured what they termed “Kei class” vehicles (now generally called “K-class”). Kei means “light weight”. These were built as a less expensive, fuel efficient, shorter, narrower, and lighter alternative to the standard size and weight vehicles termed “joyousha”. The K-class vehicles have included passenger cars, vans, and mini trucks. Best Used Tractors imports used K-class mini trucks, but not the vans or passenger cars. The Japanese have used these small off road trucks to perform a myriad of burden carrier tasks. They have often equipped the rear truck beds of these little trucks with specialized industry specific equipment. When many consider their special purpose vehicles options they often find used mini trucks from Japan to be their best choice.

Zach points out that safety standards need to be imposed by government agencies, and that the restrictions prohibiting the use of these trucks are reasonable. I maintain, however, that the government is overstepping its bounds by limiting what I can buy. For instance, believe that it is reasonable for the FDA to regulate the contents of my food. Should these regulations not be in place, it could contain dangerous levels of any number of toxins without my knowing it. This does not change, however, the fact that I can still buy bleach at the market. I am free to drink it if I wish, but I would do so knowing that it is poison because the government requires that the bottle be labeled.

When a motorist buys a motorcycle he or she does so knowing and accepting inherent risks of riding it. If these little trucks are deemed to not meet American vehicle standards that is fine. Inform me about it, but let me happily drive away in my new – used little truck.

UPDATE: They’re not little japanese trucks, but Casey over at maisonbisson has a story about a really cool little electric car.

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  1. OK, so you know corporate america, anywhere they can take shortcuts they will. So, if there are no safety standards on cars we’d all be driving around with no seatbelts, no airbags, no shatterproof glass, and hard dashboards. I hate the government telling me I can’t do things I want to do as much as the next guy. But, I do like our safe modern cars.

    Also, we import most cars from over seas, so they certainly aren’t stopping that. Plus, with the existence of hybrid cars and the like, we are actually getting some fuel efficient options on the market these days.

    I’m certain our government hasn’t singled out this one little niche truck as its way to maintain a US dependance on oil.

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    • Dear Sir,
      We have 7 mini trucks in our philippines office. I hope this trucks will satisfy your needs.Like HIno, Isuzu.This trucks are imported from japan.It has been converted into Left hand drive.If you are interested please contact us further details.
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  3. We can supply kei truck, 1989~1997 better than
    Hyogo and Kyushu in Japan. 40 feet, steam cleaning done.
    dents repaired. 7 units, Please indicate your near by port,because container charge depend on final discharge port.

  4. We are looking for a quality supplier of Kei Trucks. We will import container quantities to the USA Market. Closest inland port is Columbus, OH. Please advise complete details of your inventory for 1989-1997 model years.
    Tel: 214-914-1442

  5. I am interested in purchasing containers of 4×4 mini trucks. Who do I talk to and what type of laws do I need to check out in my state ( Alabama ) ?

  6. I license and sell these trucks in the state of South Dakota as ATV’s. They can be driven anywhere, anytime. If you live in a state where ATV’s can be licensed and driven on the highway you can transfer the title to your state and away you go! 605-574-9078 Kamper Kars

  7. I would like to also point out that in the philipines they these in all sorts of varitation such as a crew cab or one with a little 6foot long by 3 feet wide by 31\2 foot tall box on the back wich would make a cool service box, alot of the phone companies use them. Small buisness owner should rally look into these. I would like to see more of these little trucks out and about. I live in Seattle WA and i was wondering if it would be easier or cheaper to import them seeing as how im in a port city.

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  9. I’m interested in buying a Nissan Hino ZY Dump Truck in a good condition. Model year between 1995 till 2002/ left hand steering/Diesel.

    • i have got one used Hino ZY, model 1994 in excellent condition for sale, i will send you the image within two days if you are still interested to buy such type of truck


  10. We currently run over 60 mini pickups (Daihatsu/vantage) on our plant site.
    We are interested in any of the small trucks (prefer japanese, 2WD, short boxes and extended cabs).
    Start off with whatever one container will hold.
    Nearest port is Longview Washington.

    • Dear Sir,
      We have 7 mini trucks in our philippines office. I hope this trucks will satisfy your needs.Like HIno, Isuzu.This trucks are imported from japan.It has been converted into Left hand drive.If you are interested please contact us for further details.
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  12. Looking to Import Direct Small Mini Trucks (Kei) type trucks here to Mississippi.Also Intrested in import of smal tractors. Nearest port is Mobile,Ala. Usa. Container shipments.Please Reply
    USA Fax 1-662-534-6823 or 1-662-534-0077
    toll free# 1-888-343-0471

  13. I want to buy a container of these Mini Trucks, my nearest port is New Orleans or Mobile. My final destination is Memphis, TN.

    Please give me a guess of how many trucks come in a load, do they all run and how much will this cost.


  14. The kei trucks I have found for sale online don’t come with titles. Is this because they are imported from Japan? Does it make it more difficult to register them?


  15. Andrew,

    Sadly, you are not able to register these little trucks for on-road use in the US unless they are very old… 25 years if I remember correctly. If we could use the on our roads, I’d be buying them by the container!

    Most people just use them on farms, etc, where they do not need to go on regulated roadways. I guess the Bush administration just can’t handle the idea of energy efficiant 4wd vehicles.

  16. Cliff,

    It was my understanding that the kei trucks could be used on roads in states that allow ATVs on highways. If that is correct, then Montana would allow the kei trucks for on road use. Am I incorrect?

  17. I was not aware of that… That’s pretty exciting though. Thanks for letting me know.

    As far as registering them goes, I would think that the state could cut you a title with the BOL from the exporter.

    Let me know how you make out. If you decide to import some, let me know. I would like to buy one from you.

  18. Dear Viewers,

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    Height>> 182CC( driving cab)

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    • Are you still selling used Japanese mini-trucks? How much do they cost and for shipping to Seattle, WA?
      I am looking for several for my farm.

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  20. i am interested in becoming a dealer in southwest louisiana of your mini trucks.
    please send me info on shipping charges,
    container limits, year model of mini trucks,
    average cost on buying a container[s] of
    mini trucks. our closest port is new orleans
    or lake charles. do these trucks have vend
    numbers or serial numbers.

    thanks for your attention.

    • Bill, I saw your post, Where in SW Louisiana arre you located? Looking for a dealer in the Lake CHarles area for a mini truck designed and built for America, all left hand drive and AMERICAN TOUGH!! A/C HEAT AM/FM/CD 5SPEED 970cc BRAND NEW W/MSO’s and Warranty.. contact Vince Lawrence at, these mini’s outperform any other mini..specifically designed for the American market

  21. I have all the scoop on these little trucks. We offer all makes and models 1986- 2006. Yes 2005 & 2006’s. They are in stock & ready for sale. And we take orders on incoming loads. These are posted under our news page at the website. We import only the best. And we have strong quality control in place in Japan. I deliver all over the US. We have a strong supply of parts & we service what we sell.We have parts & service manuals on most of these vehicles and assist our customers needs with them.Ask other dealers if they can do that. They can be titled in states that title ATV’s. We have them licensed in several states. Beware of lower grade trucks & dealers. Beware of some Japanese exporters, early in our business I bought a lot of junk that was representated well. We still have some of it around for those project types. We are looking for a few motivated dealers in a few states. Deal with the best & buy the best & you won’t be disatisfied Please visit our website or e-mail me with any needs.

  22. To All:

    Carolina Mini Trucks imports japanese mini trucks and sells them individually. I got mine for a great price and they are wonderful to work with. They have great quality trucks, very reasonable prices, and excellent customer service. No need to buy an entire load from another importer when you can buy an individual truck from Carolina Mini Trucks!

  23. You guys might want to hold off on buying mini-trucks. I have a friend that just had two shipments seized at the LA/Long Beach port. According to him, Customs, DOT, and EPA are all involved. They unloaded his trucks at the port and drove them. To make a long story even longer, they will destroy the two shipments and will fine him. He does not have the option of sending them back to Japan at his own expense. This has all recently happened, so you know it will take the government a little while to get their sh*t together, but I think this is the beginning of the end for the mini-trucks. Also, the trucks have been brought in under the wrong classification, which includes a 2 1/2% duty fee. Customs says the fee should be 25%. So, even if someone figures out a way to legally import these trucks in the future, there may be a larger duty fee associated with them.

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  25. i am aslo trying to get these things trough customs under the harsh regulations of the EPA and DOT.
    i am trying to figure out this with the 90-97 model kei class trucks and have not found out much as of how to help the broker i am going through at the port.
    seems there is a problem of what the trucks can be classified as…with them being on road trucks in japan and then off road units here, which would be my intention, for off road use only, like an ATV.

  26. intend to buy , issuzu/nissan ud/fuso/hino two dump trucks 6×4 wheels 10 tons payload each. if avalaible in your stocks, please revert competitive cif price at dar es salaam tanzania.

    best regards

    mabele mpigahodi

  27. How has the scoop on the restrictor plate? Does anbody know the details on how to get them through customs? Customs brokers are nothing more than shipping agents. The 25% import tax will not kill us but getting held up at ports and/or shipments destroyed is tough. or 901-487-9259


  28. Mini Trucks Japan
    Are you looking for used Japanese mini trucks to import to your own country? We are the export division of a company that has been selling used cars for over 10 years here in Japan. Our parent company has its own car yards located in the Kansai (central western) area of Japan.
    Identifying the demand in North America and worldwide for “Kei class” mini utility trucks, MINI TRUCKS JAPAN was formed.
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    NOTE: all shipping, documentation and receiving charges are to be paid
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    Air con, LSD, difflock, axle lock, extra low gearing, and other options are available but not found on every truck.
    Torn seats seem to be a problem. We are negotiating with a supplier to replace them with new units. At the moment we will supply seat covers.
    We can also supply air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters. Other new or used spare parts are not a problem either.

    Our aim is to build up trustworthy business partnerships and meet
    customer satisfaction.

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  29. Would like to make contact with buyers in Sria Lanka for the sale of heavy and light equipment.
    We can export rough terrain crane, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, compactors and landing craft for interisland cargo.

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  30. Many of these Japanese trucks as well as similar versions made by Mercedes and other non-Japanese car makers are not only availbable in Mexico, but are manufactured there as well. A new plant is going in Obregon, Sonora making a mini truck owned by Kia. All can be purchased and liscensed in Mexico and driven in the U.S under Mexican papers.

  31. US folks like to be afraid of some risk. If you you feel, do not do that. Example–some do not take risk it, how abut k-class vanning? If it is neat vanning, you loose money. In the Vanning, estoteric tecnique will be required.
    How kei truck be vanned into high 40 feet container? Mostly do not know. Ewven if you question me, I do not anser to you. That is our know-hows. I can show you how is the kei truck vanning donw? But I do not give you simply,.

    I have evidence how kei truck is inpsected in the US custome house. Check it out with all your efforts as to kei truck–DOT, EPA and RI is just nothing.

    Exanple I exported JZA80 supra turbo to the UA, then passed in the US cutom house, but not registered yet in CA. CA is the toughest state for the registration.

    US folks do not think too much. My advised.
    you do not buy kei truck from us. I have US buyers already.

    Kauo Kuroyanagi

    Japanese car exporter

  32. So far I exported several sort of right hand drive cars to the US and registerated. Right hand drive is nifty in he US I have heaf from customer. Kei truck is the easiest stuff to export from Japan. You will let me know if you happen to see the right hand drive car in the US. That is my exported car. EPA DOT RI is just nothing. I am sure that some know how is the most valuable in the workd. Good luck, US folks.


  33. dear sirs: I wouldn like to understand your message better? I do not see kei rh drive in Michigan I would like to import your kei trucks, I do not understand how to do this. I would be pleased to hear from you. Thank You, Lee F. Michigan USA

  34. Howdy,
    We currently sell over 50 Kei Class units a month & need more vendors in Japan. If you can fill large quanity orders, then please contact me. We have approved speed limiters & governors in stock.We only buy grade 3.5 & above. Serious enquiries only please. If you are in The US & want to buy these vehicles then also contact us. Please visit our website. 405-246-9319
    Thankyou Mike

  35. We bought a Subaru Sambar 4 Cyl. 5 speed off someone, but in order for us to get it they had to lock out 3rd and 4th gears (OSHA Restrictions). In 2nd gear at any reasonable speed the RPM’s are way high, but we have no other gear to shift to. we would like to remedy this problem so we don’t wear the motor out. We removed a plate that was welded on the floor to keep the shifter from moving over to those gears, but it still wont go into gear. I was wondering if you had any ideas as to how they have restricted these gears.

  36. Young Auto Co. Ltd exports quality Kei trucks / mini trucks from Japan all around the globe at excellent prices.
    If you are interested in importing these vehicles to your country contact me on:
    Tel: 81 90 1184 4334 or email me on : (Serious importers only)

  37. Cliff, These mini trucks can be licensed in the stste of Mississippi for on-road use. You must take the bill of sale to a bonding agency and recieve a bonded title. Next we take them by the Ms Highway patrol for inspection and then apply for title through your county court house and by your tag. Happy motoring.

  38. We import Japan Mini Trucks here In North Mississippi for sale.One truck or a container of 6-7. We have 2WD & 4WD of all makes.Some With A/C. Please contact 662-534-4010 and leave message or 662-266-0050. Or E-Mail at and I will reply.
    Our prices are very reasonable compared to most importers.


  40. Paul, I am looking for someone to supply me with containers of 4×4 mini trucks. My current supplier has had to may delays. Shipment does not arrive on delievery date’s given, no phone call to inform you of the change! I still don’t have my first container, paid up front. I am insouth Texas, zip code 78355, close to the Port of Corpus Christi Texas!361-774-7710

  41. Just returned from Tokyo. The smallest & best cars & trucks won’t be sold new in the states because big one’s make big profits. That’s why RAV4 & CRV were increased in size by 15%, thus reducing gas mileage & increasing weight and profit for the dealers. The mini-trucks are driven on the highways in Japan at highway speeds, not just off-road at slow speeds.

  42. I’m trying to ship one Daihatsu HiJet from Okinawa, Japan, where I’m stationed in the military, to South Dakota where I’m moving to shortly. However, every Registered Importer (RI) I contact tells me these trucks aren’t allowed in the U.S. They tell me it doesn’t comply with EPA and DOT standards and regulations. I don’t plan to license it as an automobile, but I do plan to license it as an ATV, which I understand is legal in South Dakota.
    Is there anyone who can give me information that I can pass on to these importers? Or better yet, is there anyone who can provide me shipping service from Okinawa? Thanks in advance for any help.

  43. Compact Tractor Consultants is the #1 importer of Mini-Trucks in the US we abide by all rules and regulation to bring these trucks into the US! All of Compact Tractor Consultants Mini-Trucks are fully inspected for flaws by certified Japanese mechanics before they leave Japan so that they are ready to be put to work for you! We also have many other products available to our dealers at very low cost for very high profit if you are interested in Mini-Trucks come to the best in the industry CTC!

  44. We have minitrucks or Kei trucks in stock in Victoria BC Canada. They are registered and can be driven on the road. We have a supplier in Japan that has trucks in stock ready for shipping. They are not auction trucks. Shift limiters can be installed if you want them in the USA. 7 trucks fit in a container. The price depends on the year and the conditon you are looking for. We will on sel the best condition trucks if you only want one truck as we run them through our shap and replace anything that is needed. Then they are independently inspected and registered ready for sale in Canada. Unfortunatley in Canada they have to be 15 years old. In the USA we can provide newer trucks with shift limiters and they can be imported as an ATV. Thank You Todd or email

  45. Dear Frank we are not the cheapest out there but we also do not bring in junk and do not put our customers loads in jeopardy like I know many others have…. Also we will not bring in the rust buckets these other importers are brining in..We can bring in trucks very cheap if you want high millage worn out stuff from the junk yards of Japan. Everyone that orders containers from us knows exactly what trucks they are getting and what condition they are in as well as they get to pick what trucks they want in there load unlike others who take your money and send you what they feel like they want to send you. We have been in the business for a long time and know how other importers have put a bad face on what we do all you have to ask yourself is if your importer is doing what is in your best interest or theres?

  46. Myself, my two sons, and my best friend began importing mini trucks and vans into the US back in June. We were dealing with two different exporters. We noe are only using one. We get trucks and vans that must meet the following specifications:
    1990 or newer
    4 X 4
    100,000 KM or less
    4 or 5 speed trans
    must have original paint
    No major dents or bondo
    Clean interior

    We have imported nearly 50 mini trucks and vans. They are very good to excellant in condition. We offer these trucks for wholesale only. Minimum purchase quantity of 3 is required. Of course, you can buy more. If you are interested call me (Nick) at 256-426-9860 or my buddy Ken at 256-200-0529. We’ll give you prices and we can email photos too.

  47. Hello,

    My husband and I are serious buyers of Kei trucks and parts. We would like to find a direct exporter from Japan to deal with now. Prefer English speaking agents. We want 1990—1998, 660cc, hi/lo gears , diff lock, must be in 3.5 condition or higher. Prefer Suzuki, Mazda, or Diahatsu. Must be trustworthy with US references…..Please contact us or phone:(724)-852-1729

  48. Help please, I need parts for a Daihatsu mini truck. I went to my local NAPA and they tried but could not find any parts. I am looking for simple items I thought, like air filter, spark plugs and brake parts.

    Please help, Scott Smith

  49. My partner and I are importing containers of the Kei Class Mini Trucks and vans since June of 06. We sale wholesale to those desiring 3 or more trucks at a time. Our trucks come in meeting the following specs;

    1992 models or newer
    under 100,000 KM
    4X4, 4 or 5 speed
    no major dents or body damage
    clean interior

    We sell 3-6 trucks @$3400 each
    7 or more trucks @ $3200 each.
    This FOB Laceys Spring, AL.
    You can reserve trucks by calling and we will provide pictures of trucks as soon as we receive them and if you want them you will need to provide 50% of the purchase price and balance dew upon pick up.

    Kingdom Keis –
    Ken Galyean 256-200-0529 or
    Nick Tolomei 256-426-9860

  50. Scott Smith,
    here are the parts you need for your truck
    Spark plugs there are 2 models you can use:
    Autolite 64 or NGK-BPR5EKB
    Air Filter:
    Napa 6677
    and as far as brake parts please call my warehouse in Spearfish SD and see if they have them 605-717-5070 and if they don’t have them we can have them ordered from Japan with about a 2 week turn around.

  51. Export mini truck (k-truck,660 cc truck)

    We start deal 660 cc small truck、mini truck
    (we called kei-truck) export by 20 or 40
    feet containor.
    Ex Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu hijet, Subaru sumber, Honda acty, Mitsubishi minicab
    And please feel free to contact us.
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  52. I want to buy containers of these Mini Trucks, my nearest port and final destination is houston, texas. I am looking for a direct exporter in Japan. I need grade 3.5 or better. 1992 or newer. 100,000km or less.


  53. We sale individual Kei trucks and can arrange container loads direct from Japan.Will be traveling in March to buy for Spring 2007.
    We can supply photos and details.

    If interested call 662-534-6839
    Curtis Kennon

  54. Hey guy, I just wanted to say i love kei trucks and i’ve been look at them for 3 years but im looking for a us road worthy truck. I work in a atv/motorcycle shop and they seem like the best off road truck. better then the rhino or mule. but i just need one for on and off. can any one help me (

  55. I got this message via my contact form and I decided to post it here since the comments on this story have become a kind of discussion group. I’m hoping someone can help Rae find a way to purchase Kei class trucks.

    Rae Lawson writes:

    “How does an american company buy japenese mini trucks in bulk to resell directly from japan,thanks? Please postal mail me any information as my incoming e-mail is down at this time. Kidron Valley ATV Gadgets,Rae Lawson,812 Ridgeway Dr.,Valdosta Ga. 31601,USA,229-245-6072”

    Japanese Mini Trucks and Vans

    Contact: Ken Galyean 256-200-0529
    Nick Tolomei 256-426-9860

    * We only import 1992 and newer 4 X 4 Kei
    Class Mini Trucks and Vans.
    * All trucks are grade “A” quality.
    * All trucks have less than 100,000 KM.
    * We only wholesale our trucks and vans.
    * Minimum purchase requirement of 3 each.
    * Buy an entire container of 7 vehicles (one
    van and 6 trucks or 7 trucks).
    * FOB Lacey’s Spring, Alabama 35754. We are
    located 6 miles south of Huntsville, Alabama.

    We have sold in excess of 80 trucks and vans since June 2006.

    We have 3 containers due into us within the next two weeks. Two containers are already sold. We can email you the photos of the container that has not been sold. The container is 7 mini trucks. They all appear to be very fine quality.

    Contact us by phone or email:

  57. Boy am I glad I looked at this site! Been looking at these “Little Trucks” for some time, and like what I read and see. Comments very informative, and now need to have information from your readers, on how I might be able to get one registered in Maine? Any help will be helpful. send info to
    Thanks; Roger

  58. Hey Roger: I live in Vermont, and I too would like to figure out how to get one of these trucks on the road… Most New England states have similar laws, so if you you find any information, please post it here. It would be nice to know.

  59. Hi i have been looking at mini trucks online and was wondering how much a container would be and how you would get parts for them? suzuki or toyota 4×4 dif lock axel lock 1997 models standard trans. 660 cc

  60. We can help you out with ordering container loads or one truck at a time. We import direct from Japan. We can send you our suppliers stock list along with pics. You pick the trucks you want and will assure you get quality trucks at the best possible price. Vist our site for more info and then drop us a phone call or email.

    East Texas Mini Trucks

  61. Dearest Buyers,

    If you wanna buy Mini trucks directly from japan,
    you must think you are not in trouble.
    I owned car shop and i have a skill on mechanic
    which i specialized on mini trucks.I am not depen
    ding on auctions,it’s because here in my area mos
    tly my neighbors are farmers and they usually owned two units.
    As a mechanic,i myself checked the high quality standard control of the unit and at low mileage
    which i always wanted my buyers satisfaction.
    I have always stovk available for a minimum of 50 units.
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  62. We are based in Tokyo Japan and have been exporting regular used Japanese cars to New Zealand and Africa. We are looking for partners to go into business with exporting and reselling K-trucks or mini-trucks and vans in North America. Only serious enquiries please. We are members of the biggest Auction House in Japan USS and also have access to various outlets. We are able to supply our Partner with all makes and years of inspected and shifter fitted trucks 4x4s and 2 wheel drives.

    Chris (UGA Graduate)
    Cell (81)90 61888 123
    Land Line/Fax (81) 42 710 1155
    Tokyo Japan

  63. ‘safety standards’ is a pretty lame excuse for preventing people from buying vehicles which are small, convinent, and get good gas mileage.

    I can buy a motorcycle. They somehow fall through the ‘safety standards’ net and are legal, license-able vehicles.

    That is, I can decide to put my safety aside and still get around legally…

    If these vehicles don’t meet car safety standards, but DO meet car emissions standards (do they?) then they should qualify as motorcycles, and be legal as such.

    I want a Honda Beat. Oh, and a little Kei pickup, too.

    Send them right over, please.

  64. I am interested to purchase a few of these mini trucks NEW. I plan to use them on a private facility, driven on pavement and gravel, but not out onthe road. Do you know who I can contact to purchase these trucks new? I am interested in the pick-up style and the mini-van models.

    Your assistance is appreciated.
    757-638-7190 X 109

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  66. Have a mitsubishi mini truck and want to use it in construction. Can’t get a bonded title till EPA inspected, Of course, Gov. doesn’t want that to happen so don’t know what to do . Any ideas anyone??

  67. I read Bill Barnett’s posting from 3/8/2006 regarding two shipments seized at Long Beach/LA Port. Any further news? Should I have the trucks shipped to another port? I’m considering purchasing two containers and do not want to have them seized? Any suggestions?

  68. Rene

    I am a Customs broker and work for an international shipping company based in Mobile, AL. We have offices throughout the U.S. and we have agents in Japan that provide us with very competitive shipping rates. We have handled the freight and Customs clearance for several U.S. importers of the mini trucks through Long Beach, Houston, and Mobile. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. (website

  69. M Griffith

    The first thing that popped in my mind was to convert the engine to propane power. I believe that will be exempt from EPA regs and they will just scratch their heads and hopefully sign off.

  70. Dear Sir,

    Would you be interested in buying some Japanese Mini trucks from and alternative source in Japan ?
    Our company G-Trading is part of the Gulliver group and Dolphin net who are the largest second hand car dealers in Japan. We are able to supply mini trucks not only from our stock but from dealers and also car auctions at very competetive prices. If you would like to take a look at our website or would like to contact me for further information I would be pleased to help. I am an English speaker and will also be able to help with parts and many other aspects regarding Mini Trucks.

    Best Regards

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  71. I am working at Meiwa auto in Japan.
    We have been exproting japanese vehicles for a long time.

    by the way If someone interested in import cars from Japan.
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  72. We now offer a Powertrain Warranty which is designed for a commercial use application of the Japanese Mini Truck. I have attached a sample of the contract for your review. The term of the warranty is 3 years/unlimited kilometers.

    As far as eligibility, there really isn’t any problem, we offer the warranty on any year, any mileage vehicle, so it can be sold on basically any mini truck out there.

    I am available for questions anytime 9-5 M-F, you can also email anytime if you wish.

    Dave Hurt
    Certified Car Care Extended Warranties 1-888-222-0078

  73. Sir,

    I have been importing kei trucks from Japan since 1997. I have a Yard in Subic Bay Freeport Zone here in the Philippines. I have a reliable suppliers in Japan with a very reasonable price.

    I just want to ask if those kei trucks you are using/importing there in your place are all Right Hand Drive. Do you still do conversion from RHD to LHD *steering. If so, we can import for you from Japan, convert it from RHD to LHD and re-export it to your place.

    Thank you,

    Arthur Olarte
    CEBPAL Inc.

  74. Hello everyone,
    Will be glad to inform and broker Mini Kei trucks here! have been doing tis for three years and know the In’s and out’s! Can provide shipping to your door of containers of Fine Quality trucks as we were there in Japan Two weeks ago buying them. Want details please e-mail here at . Will give our buyers website where you have the option to buy them online and view. Will be the broker here and do Everything involved at LOW cost! (check us before you decide!)
    We get er done……..Low cost….and easy!
    Steven Kennon/ Billy Bates

  75. After watching An Inconvenient Truth I couldn’t believe that our gonvernment is ignoring the issue so much. I wanted to buy a GEM elctric car for my house cleaning business but they are not listed in the Blue Book as an automobile and therefore the banks do not recognize them as an automobile for an auto loan. Rediculous.

  76. Maybe what we need to do is start a religion. Then, like the Amish, we could drive a low speed environmentaly friendly vehicle by simply placing the magic low speed warning triangle on the back! A japanese mini vehicle can’t be nearly as unsafe as a horse & buggy on the highway – and it won’t be leaving any “biodegradables” on the roadside! People in the U.S. have to get real and DEMAND sensable solutions from lawmakers. Banning mini trucks is absurd – especially in a country where you let a guy with a ZZ Top beard and suspenders take his horse & buggy where ever he likes because his religion requires it.

  77. In KY it is legal to drive farm equipment on the road, I’ve heard of Amish taking the PTO of a tractor and hooking it to a bed of a truck and doing 50 on it…. ;~]

  78. Guys, wanted to make everyone aware of a Japanese Kei Truck Exporter that took me for over $10,000. set up a deal with me for 7 Kei Trucks, took my 50% deposit and then I have spent over 1 year trying to get them to deliver. If you are thinking of doing business with the guys and not sure if legitimate, try their phone numbers and research their “parent” company “Nippon” securities. I wish I had. Really wish I would have just worked with dealer in the U.S. so that if the deal went south, I would have the U.S. Judicial System to help out. Nothing you can do when it is in Japan. Just don’t want the same thing to happen to others.

  79. I would like very much to have my little truck registered so that I could get some of the use out my hyway taxes and drive something that is not going to tare up the road because of being over weight . I brought my truck to get into the woods to haul wood out for my out door woodburner(which the EPA says is killing everone near to me with fumes from burning the wood which save me about 1500 dollars a year in fuel costs,let’s get these licensed so I can use this neat truck for the purpose I brought it for. HELP! HELP! HELP!

  80. Where can I get a truck for the farm in Waldron Arkansas and be able to purchass parts and tires when needed. I am only interested in 4×4 new truck.

  81. 12-20-08
    Hello Cliff,
    It’s been just about a year since I last wrote to you about the “Little Japanese Truck”. I wrote to the Maine State D.O.T. shortly after I wrote to you. I explained that I was Handicaped and only needed a small truck like the “Mini”, for highway/city driving within a 25 mile radius of my home. Till this date, I haven’t heard from them! Like your cover stort at the top of this web site, the American Government dosen’t want these trucks in America. The government just gave the “Big 3” a loan, why can’t we, the people of America buy a good used truck at a cheeper price and help the gas situation out? If you get anymore information about getting one of these trucks on thr highway/street, let me know.
    Thanks from Maine,
    Roger Pelkey

  82. Where are you located? I have a daihatsu hijet that I’ve had registered and licensed in Califorina for two years now. I live in San Jose. If you’re anywhere near by I can take you for a spin in mine sometime.

  83. I am looking for suppliers of used trucks suitable for conveying Agro products. I am a major supplier of trucks to Ministry of Agriculture in Nigeria and have recently won a contract to supply 500 trucks of any sizes. I need associates suppliers. Specify truck make, and prices.
    You can post pictures on

  84. The minimum safety standard is what shares the road with you – from a bicycle to a semi-truck. I’m going on my 2nd year of on-road use in SD in a DA65T Suzuki Carry KEI Mini-truck under the ATV State regulation. Absolutely no regrets and its saving gas and insurance money – plus, excellent utility truck. I can’t believe I overlooked these KEI vehicles. HOWEVER, if you are in SD, recently failed SB 175 (2010) will take ATVs off the road. They plan to push another bill in 2011. I have absolutely no problem with ATV’s or motorcycles on the road – its simply an informed choice. However, quality is more of an issue – will the item function safely while driving. Anyway, you can find me on the minitrucktalk forum as well. Drop me a note and look over my posts. Darn good little trucks and handle very well in SD winter conditions – granted the height and hardness of the snow pack :O)

  85. 10-0302010
    Hello Cliff, ln VT, and Casey, in NH,
    I haven’t checked this site for sometime, got tired of tring to find out more information on how to get a mini truck registard in ME. Although I’am still interested, I think I might of come up with a way to register a mini truck. Has anybody tried registing it as a “Farm Vehical”??? If farmers can drive big tractors from the farm to a hayfield 20 to 30 miles from the farm, why not a mini truck? I mean the mini is well equiped as far as having all the standard lights, glass. horn, etc.
    Good luck to all those wanting a mini truck for the road. J have to really give up my quest, because my Disabillity has taking over my abilities to drive or walk for long distances. But I’ll try to keep up on the progress of getting a mini truck on some road in America.

  86. It’s amazing that we the people can’t get them licensed for in town roads. But, our city can buy three and get them licensed. Something is not right. The people can’t but the goverment can break their own laws.
    walla walla wa


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  89. I and a couple others here in south Mississippi want to buy one of these mini trucks for personal use to and from work. If anyone close has one or two for sale, please email me at: with mini truck for sale as the subject heading. Thanks.


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