World’s Angriest Woman

Crazy Lady Yelling at Skaters from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

There are a lot of angry people in the world, but I’m pretty sure that the lady in this video ranks pretty near the top by any measure. It’s a movie of a woman in a parking lot screaming at a group of skaters for no apparent reason. Or at least no apparent reason that makes sense to any sane person.

Exactly why she is so angry is unclear, however it would seem that she is convinced that the kids are not the innocent skaters they claim to be, but rather evil photographers who come around “every couple of years” and are out to get her. She nearly blows out her vocal cords as she threatens to call 911 and demands their names, cameras, film, and calling cards.

Again, it’s hard to say why she is so furious, but it is quite clear that she:

  • REALLY REALLY hates photographers
  • REALLY likes calling cards
  • Has absolutely NO understanding of the law
  • Hates “illegal photographs”
  • Likes the name “Norma kay”
  • Is “tired of being beat up by photographers”
  • Is OK with the idea that one of the skaters is actually named Jeffery Jefferys
  • Is convinced that having been yelled at is a good reason for someone to leave

The only thing Al could say is: “she’s so unreasonable”, which I think is the understatement of the year! Zach suggests that this story should be called “Finally Someone More Angry Than Me”. For my part, all I could do was cry laughing. I do, however think that this video belongs in Zach’s “World’s Big and Tall” series under “World’s Angriest Woman”.

19 thoughts on “World’s Angriest Woman

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  2. In my humble opinion, she just seems like an ordinary person with mental illness. Emotionally disregulated, a little paranoid. Magical thinking about illegal cameras. There but for the grace of God go every one of us.

    I might have laughed at her too when I was a kid. I worry a little about her having a car, too though.

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  4. well maybe the photography was “illegal”. Its only legal if you’re on public property.

    But if they’re in the parking lot of her store and they’re taking pics and skateboarding there then YES that is illegal.

    I wonder if they were shooting a Skate video?

    Either way that lady is not too bright.

  5. It’s just sad – the lady is WAY mentally ill, and the skaters actually handled it pretty well, and as respectfully as they could.

  6. I don’t know what was wrong with that woman, but she must have had a really bad day. I mean, the mother of bad days.. The Stepmother of all bad days… The GRANDMOTHER of all bad days…

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