South Park Katrina Media Spoof

For good reason, the media has taken a beating for over sensationalizing their Hurricane Katrina coverage. Since then, a number of internet clips have come out poking fun at them for it.

This is a little South Park cartoon that makes fun of the media’s coverage of a flood in the town of Beverton Colorado, and I especially like the way it ends with a group of suits blaming the flood on George Bush, and a group of redneck hillbillies blaming it on Terrorists… Very funny.

I’m really sorry the clip is a WMV. I try really hard never to link to them, but I found it at a site run by Neo Conservatives, and we can’t really count on them to have the common sense to encode things in Quick Time.

6 thoughts on “South Park Katrina Media Spoof

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  2. This first aired on Wednesday the 19th of October and was the first episode of the new season. In actual fact the entire episode, not just a clip, was dedicated to the issue. Very funny and well worth catching.

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