This Car Climbed Hubbert Peak Bumper Sticker

I’ve been waiting for Casey over at Maison Bisson to finally release his new “This Car Climbed Hubbert Peak” bumper sticker, and he finally has.

Casey Says:

This is probably the perfect bumper sticker for your neighbor’s SUV, at least until your neighbor comes over with the perfect chainsaw for your front door (yeah, try to run from that in Birkenstocks). But seriously, shouldn’t somebody tell these people that the world is running out of oil?

Personally, I think his artwork is great, and I while I doubt many of our gas guzzling fellow Americans will get it, Hubbert Peak is something we should all be thinking about. We are running out of oil, at an alarming rate and we will either have to find alternatives fast, or suffer the consequences.

2 thoughts on “This Car Climbed Hubbert Peak Bumper Sticker

  1. I’ve tried to post this on Casey’s site twice now, and his flippin comments aren’t working. Anyway, you guys should really read up on Thermal Depolymerization, it could be the solution to our oil and solid waste problems. Wikipedia has a decent article on it to get you started. I read an article about it in Discover magazine probably 8 or 9 years ago, it amazes me that this hasn’t gotten any national news attention, or at least a 60 minutes or dateline segment.

  2. Is that a spoof on the famous “This car climbed Mt Washington” sticker?

    Like global warming, the oil peak is real, it’s just a matter of when and how much? Instead of fighting over ANWR, Congress should be looking at solar, wind, wave and other renewable energy sources.

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