symbol nzdsi_initialize: referenced symbol not found

So you’re running the Oracle Application Server on Solaris 8, and you’ve decided to be a good systems administrator and install the latest 8_Recommended patch cluster from SunSolve. Well, I’m very sorry to inform you that you have just broken your application server. After bouncing the system, you will most likely get the following error as OAS tries to start: opmn: fatal: relocation error: file /u01/app/oracle/product/oas_midtier_9.0.4/lib/ symbol nzdsi_initialize: referenced symbol not found
opmnctl: opmn start failed

If you’re anything like me, you found this during your scheduled downtime, it’s insanely early in the morning, and you really just want to go back to bed. Well, hopefully this will help.

The first thing you want to do is (optionally) make sure you are preloading your libraries:


It won’t fix the problem, but it is a good idea, and it has the added advantage of making the error go away. The server still won’t start, but the error will go away and that has to be progress, right?

To really resolve the problem, however, you have to backout SunOS 5.8 linker patch 109147-39

patchrm 109147-39

Sun Document ID: 101995 identifies the problem.

On systems with certain patches installed (109147-39 on Solaris 8), applications that reference large numbers of “delayed” loadable shared objects (where the shared objects load slowly and do not explicitly define their required dependencies), may experience start-up failure or may terminate due to an error of the runtime linker.

Sun has recognized the problem, but according to them, a final resolution is pending completion.

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  1. We had the same problem restarting the Oracle Application Server on our Solaris 8 system after applying the patch cluster and also resolved it through the “patchrm 109147-39” workaround.

    Apparently the successor patch 109147-40 has corrected this bug: after installing it this afternoon, the OAS started without error and so far seems to be working OK.

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