Casey Goes Into Boat Sales

Again, the blogging community stands in wait for The Bison to post something new on his blog. “Casey is usually a rock” says drinking buddy Zach. “But he’s not posted any updates in several days, and frankly I’m starting to wonder what has happened to him.”

Last time The Bison went missing and failed to post updates to his blog, friends and well wishers began to worry that he had been involved in some kind of disaster or car acciden.

This time, however, we have evidence indicating that he has given up entirely on blogging and gone into boat sales. “We’ve seen him selling boats, and we are baffled” says fanboy Matt Batchelder. “While his content is far from compelling, we take comfort in reading his silly antics every morning… It’s just not the same when he’s trying to sell you a boat.”

Here at SpiralBound, we wish Casey all the best in his new endevours, but we must say that he will be missed as a fixture of the blogging community.

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