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I’m not naive enough to believe that the “war on drugs” is anymore winnable than this country’s ludicrous “war on terror”, but those who know me, know that I hate drugs… So, I was happy to learn that, facing a huge meth-amphetamine problem, an organization backed by corporations called The Montana Meth Project has sprung to life and made a seriously concerted effort to dissuade Montana’s youth from using meth.

Yep… You read that one correctly. I’m usually not one to give corporations much credit since they are usually happy to ignore civic responsibility if it will increase the bottom line for their shareholders, but in this case, a group of them have seriously stepped up to the plate, and are attempting to make a real difference.

Using some pretty hard-core TV, radio, and billboard ads, the Montana Meth Project is trying to keep kids off meth by putting the consequences of addiction right in front of their faces. They’ve realized that the usual anti-drug image of police officers droning on about jail time and fines if you are caught with drugs only reinforces the “us against them” attitude and often turns kids towards drugs rather than away from them. By instead focusing on the much more real and humanistic repercussions of drug addiction, they are hoping that Montana’s youth will avoid meth not to simply doge a meaningless fine, but to avoid screwing up their lives.

I, for one, think this is a great idea, and hold myself as an example of why it will work. I have little to no respect for the law, but I do have respect for my own life, health, and well-being. It is for these reasons alone that I have never tried drugs. Let’s hope Montana’s kids find these messages compelling.

Montana Meth Project PSA – That Guy from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Montana Meth Project PSA – Just Once from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

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Montana Meth Project PSA – Eybrows from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Montana Meth Project PSA – Bathroom from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

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  1. Anything that will positively affect the youth i s great. The enemy (the devil) has surrounded them and their battle is getting harder daily. Everywhere you look there is sex and drugs. Television, billboards, magazines, stores, and clothing. The only way a real change will come is for you to give your life to Christ and allow him to fight this battle for you. Remeber w/God all things are possible. If you believe in Jesus Christ, that he died for you sins, your mistakes, the bible says you will be saved. I don’t know abut you, but I believed and I have seen a great chamge in my life. I know he is there watching over me, ordering my steps daily. Anytime I feel myself getting down, I remember how good Jesus Christ is, and what he promised me. HE CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU!!

  2. Well, I think the scare tactics MIGHT work for kids in the range of 10-13…. MAYBE to 16. But, in my opinion, the ads are far too staged and phony looking.
    Try it again with some REAL meth addicts – like that old TV special, “Scared Straight”, and it may have a more legit feel to it.
    As a former meth addict, I can say that I have NEVER seen anyone look THAT sketchy, unless they were also crackheads and/or prostitutes prior to their meth use (and in most cases those same people also were afflicted with HIV/AIDS/other STDs).

    Nice try, though.

  3. As a former meth addict (Big Time) I have to disagree with AJ when he says meth addicts are not that sketchy! I have seen much worse!!!!!Many times!!!As a matter of fact most of the meth users I knew are either dead or in prison for the rest of there lifeS. One for freaking out so bad he cut his girl freinds head off with an AXE!!!! Dont stop trying to get the point across to kids no matter what! this stuff kills!!!!!! EVERY THING IN YOUR LIFE IS DESTROYED! AND THERE ARE NO GOOD METH ADDICTS! NONE! GOOD LUCK…I HOPE THIS HELPS!

  4. So I was reading an article about methamphetamine and comments about it when from out of nowhere, the subject turned to Jesus Christ. if I’m a potential meth user, I don’t think a mythical, magic wizard is gonna make things all better.

  5. I felt these psa’s will be affective to the younger kids viewing them. You need to explain to the older kids why these people do these things to themselves while on meth, like the picking of the skin and extreme weight loss..People like myself ( a recovering opiate addict) don’t understand the god thing till way down the road in recovery. It was a big turn off to me until I got so desperate I needed God to help me. Then you understand, the magical wizard.Keep up the good work. Addiction of any drug owns you and it’s not an easy road back.

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  7. as former meth user these scare tactics might work on those who haven’t tried it but what about those who are on their way down. instead of saving them, these ads are pushing them further in as they start to feel more and mmore stigmatized and judged by the outside world. it only drives them further away from the outside world full of judgement and stigmas toward those who will be more accepting, meth addicts like themselves. i know because i was becoming a part of it as these meth ads began to appear and they made me want to isolate myself from “those people” and surround myself with people who use because i knew i wouldn’t be judged. not saying that is a reason not to do the meth project. just saying we need to find ways to address the problems faced by those who have already stepped into that world just as strongly. (and as for the ads while the images maybe be blown a bit out of proportion i have seen firsthand how destructive meth can be in someone’s life. best friend, BA in sociology, great family, great successful friends, began using and in six months cut friends and family off and went from college graduate, to …jobless, dealing and trafficking, homeless – stayed w friends of course, felony convictions – burglary, boyfriends in prison and dead, friends shooting up…it happens)

  8. It really is amazing how so many people think they “know” about meth. Check out Meth Myths. Also the Anti-Meth message boards, addictionpages and others. We are losing the methamphetamine addiction battle-because we’re not even fighting.

  9. im a recovered meth and everything else addict, i used for 9 years, since i was 14, the man upstairs helped me find my way into a rehab that works the 12 step program, i did everything they told me and im well, i dont drink or anything anymore and my life isnt boring. before i got into treatment i wanted to die, cos i was in so much psychic and emotional pain, now i love life and look forward to each day, do what i did, the 12 steps, they work

  10. i just wanna reply to the warning videos, i used regardless of the warnings, i almost got killed several times, i used to rob nigerian dealers in hillbrow. i have been in trouble with police, my friends died but i used anyway, i could stop for a few months but i could never stay stopped, 12 steps thats all i have to say

  11. am only 19 years old and have a 8 month old daughter with another child due in july. i’ve been with my husband for almost 3 years. i knew that he had a problem with all kinds of different drugs, as so many people do in my small town. meth is the number 1 drug of choice. it used to be pot. my relationship with my husband has been up hill down hill since the beginning. i thought that i could help him with his problem. but what i found out is that you can’t help someone that doesn’t want the help. so instead i got sucked into the dope.i have not touched it since sept 2006. and its hard when your old pals come and ask do you want to buy some and you know you have at least $100-$250 in your pocket at the time. my point is that i can’t stand the crap. but my husband can’t seem to stay away from it. its tairing us apart. its not like i can offer rehab because he is on probation. am stuck. and at times numb to what he will do next. am cofused on rather i want my children to grow up with out a father, or have one as a drugy! maybe i’ll find the answer before its to late!

  12. I am a recovering meth Manuf. and user. I was hooked since 19 yrs olsd. I am 40 now and have been sober for 4 yrs. I have 20 yrs of parole. I am now a Montana Tech student trying to reach out to the younger generation to let them know how bad this stuff is for you. Not just your physical appearance, but the harm it does to your body, mind and Family.If I can get just one person not to use I would have accomplished a major task. PLEASE DO NOT EVEN TRY IT.

  13. I have never done Methamphetamines but struggled with a marijuana addiction for years. Call it what you will, but marijuana is a drug and unfortunately I related it to depression. My depression became best friends with marijuana. I have also smoked opium once and tried X once. Unfortunately, most people use drugs because of depression. They are at a time when they are at their lowest, or so they think their lowest, until the use and the situation becomes severely worse if addiction follows. When I was high on marijuana, I remember seeing television ads against the drug. Each one of them made me think about my life and where it was headed. I think those of us who have been down the road of addiction or those who haven’t but support the anti drug campaign, should realize that ANY CAMPAIGN IS A GOOD CAMPAIGN. The only way people will learn or understand is through education. Parents, take note. My parents never discussed drugs with me in depth and look where it landed me. People take things for granted and it will always be that way. When I think back in reference to world history and Opium was introduced to the United States from Chinese immigrants, China, shortly thereafter realized they had an epidemic on their hands. China enforced serious consequences executing every person on drugs and even people suspected of using them. There were no trials. They were immediately shot in the head. They still uphold some of the strongest anti drug laws in the world. I also wanted to say that when I was at my lowest, Jesus Christ was the only thing that saved me and gave me the peace of mind. When you can get on bended knee, realize you have a problem and ask for God’s grace, he will fill you up with life and refill the void that blinds us. There will always be an addiction or, progressive illness if you will. Addiction is never cured. Relapse more then likely will occur. It is up to us to quit. Thats my piece. God bless and good luck with your struggles. May He lay his mighty hand on your shoulders in times of need and suffering.

  14. I completely agree with everything John has said. Jesus will save you if nothing else can. If you are on meth, I strongly urge you to seek help fast. The unfortunate most likely outcome will be your death. God bless.


  15. my mom did this for sometime. she was pregnant with me and my younger brother when she was doing this. my brother died and im here in a alternative school. this is really scary as i am a teen i had to try it out i am not addicted to it but i wish i would have never done that i almost got shot that night on the worst street to be on in kansas city. so please as you read this you will try to stop or never try it.
    its really scary to do!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You’re leaving out a very important detail, and that’s the fact that our government was manufacturing and distributing meth for a number of years during WW2 and the years after. For 2 decades it was hailed as a miracle diet drug, and sought by returning GIs from the war as a pick me up and some became addicted. Then in the 60s and 70s when it was made illegal, we didn’t see all our grandparents turn into these crazed meth zombies you see in the ads.

    The fact is that meth, like any other drug, will have a majority population who try it, don’t like it, lose something in their life because of it, and/or move on. Only a very small percentage of users of any drug end up like this, and advertising such as this not only shows how deceitful the “war on drugs” has become in relation to reality, but further marginalizes the small percentage who do need help by portraying them to the rest of the world this way.

  17. Tim is correct. Only a small percentage of people become “true addicts”.

    My friend is one. I’ve tried my best to understand it. Essentially, it’s a lack of self-control and ability to reason your way passed the immediate reward by weighing in potential consequences. Drug addicts are incapable of reasoning for their own well being.

    My friend was intelligent as a teenager. I loved her dearly. She ended up losing both her kids, became a meth whore preferring multiple random guys for BDSM type sex, and is in complete denial about how her use affects those who care about her.

    I tried to give her everything outside of meth to satisfy her, but she had a burning need not to be controlled in any way outside of the bed, and would defy people who just wanted to help at all costs. That cost is now 20 years in prison. She will be hair tested later today. I think she’ll actually run and OD before being locked up.

    Her IQ declined at an approximate rate of 5IQ points per year of heavy use. We both started in the 130s. She’s now probably 95 or so. Very difficult to witness.

    Please don’t do meth, or coke, or heroine.

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