Dump Truck Crash Video

Everyone loves the idea of smashing fast-moving things into hard objects, but the guys who drove this dump truck into a concrete barrier really outdid themselves. I have absolutely no idea why they did it, but I’m sure glad they did. I only wish they would have loaded the thing up with boulders first.

Dump Truck Crash from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Dump Truck Crash Video

  1. Boulders? Bull@#it. It would have been much better if the thing had been filled with dead cattle. Or perhaps one of those rotting whale carcasses that washes ashore periodically.

    Or, dare I say, the entire Republican leadership? A little extreme, but it might be entertaining.

    Here’s another idea – dump truck bowling. One could re-create this scene using the dump truck as the bowling ball, but instead of pins, you line up pedophiles and bowl them over. That’s some good shit right there. Sponsored by Windex and OxyClean. I’d love to see Billy Mays sell that event…

  2. Your assumption in this entry–that “everyone” loves seeing things smash into other things at high speed–is false. Watch little kids play. Boys love to see things smash together. Girls don’t. These are generalizations, for sure, but they are closer to reality than the statement that “everyone” loves smashing things.

  3. I disagree with the previous comment, I’m female and I like watching things crash and blow-up! Smashing things can be very therapeutic! Watching things blow up makes me giggle. Yes, perhaps I’m strange! If you haven’t tried smashing things, I recommend it!

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