My PC is on Fire

Chris Abraham gave me some link love the other day, which is how I found his blog, and finally this animated music video about the woes of PC ownership and support. Thanks Chris!

The video is amusing, but the most important thing to me is that it was created with Blender, a 3D animation suite that I started using many years ago on FreeBSD and Linux. Not that I was ever good enough with it to create anything like this, but it’s very cool to see the things that other people are using it to create.

4 thoughts on “My PC is on Fire

  1. hey, um..could i get just the song, to put on my space?? I really like the song, but im not to into the video, or maybe you could make one with just black screen?? i may just try to play it onto a home made video….ok well, yeah get back 2 me


  2. im VIP MAN i want to say its not bad but the video was well i dont no to put it but NVM that i like to see if u can put this song on mp3 people really badly told me alot about this pc on fire song if you can it be nice for my people the networks i no you trying to say who is VIP MAN im a guy who work on networks and detect eorror networks its nice to talk to you:in 2010:

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