Jason Garfield – Five Ball Juggling Video

Not a lot of people juggle past the point of a three-ball cascade pattern, so it’s easy to think you’re pretty great when you get yourself some four-ball chops and club tricks. Then you see a video of a real juggler like this and realize that you are light years away from serious technical juggling.

My friend Dylan sent me this video of Jason Garfield doing a SICK five-ball routine several months ago. It seems that he rarely does a throw without flashing at least three balls, and I have to say that the effect is really quite cool! Matt is always saying that he doesn’t like to do ball routines because they just don’t look as impressive. I have always tended to agree with him, but as this video shows, with enough skill and choreography, a ball routine can be every bit as beautiful, if not more so, than a performance done with clubs.

5 thoughts on “Jason Garfield – Five Ball Juggling Video

  1. Wow!! I just happened to stumble upon this video and my 14 year old son has just started to become interested in juggling. What an inspiration !!! I will have to show him your incredible talent!

  2. I have to say that this performance is representative of total mastery of the “craft” of ball juggling. What I wouldn’t give to see this guy “live” in performance. WTG Jason, WELL DONE!!!

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