Louise Trewavas Irons at 452 Feet

The Dive Girl crew won a special place in my heart the day they antagonized the DIR guys by releasing their Doing It Wrong “Stroke” T-Shirt. I’ve been trying to find one for myself ever since. So, it was with great joy that I realized that the Dive Girl herself, Louise Trewavas, reclaimed her extreme ironing record last month by ironing a shirt at 452 feet.

The extreme ironing underwater record was first set by the 39-year-old Londoner in 2003 with an impressive display of linen-pressing at 100m. Last month, however, Teignmouth-based diver John Rudolph challenged for the title by ironing a T-shirt on a 129m dive.

Not to be out-laundered, Louise Trewavas sank to new depths to reclaim her title. “Records are there to be broken, but the boys will have to do better than that if they want to beat me. Bring it on,” Louise says.

Hat Tip: ExtremeIroning.com

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