Diving at Lake Willoughby

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of diving in Lake Willoughby. This glacial lake is located near the Canadian Border in Westmore, VT, and makes an outstanding diving location because of its clarity and depth. There are a few places that divers can get access to the water, but the best seems to be the second turnout when coming from the public beach on the North side of the lake. The entry is a little steep and rocky, but steps have been cut out, making it pretty manageable so long as you don’t try to do it with a ton of equipment. It does make me grateful for my relatively light-weight rebreather.

Once you get into the water it drops off pretty quickly to about 80ft, and then gently slopes down from that point on. Exactly how deep the lake is has been a point of some contention. Some divers have told me that it bottoms out at a little over 400Ft, but the one navigational chart I’ve been able to locate has it at only 312ft at its deepest point. Either way, it bottoming it out would make for a nice tech dive. I’ve found two pretty drastic thermoclines – one at about 35ft, and the other at about 75ft. Even in the middle of summer it’s a pretty cold lake, so dive it dry if you can.

The dive is pretty much a boulder / wall dive, and, while there are not many fish, there are plenty of little caves and crack to poke around in. Most of my dives there have been more work than play as I try to get better at my reel work, and emergency procedures on the Meg.

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