DIY Meg Radial Scrubber

Just about anyone who owns a Megalodon rebreather spends a decent amount of time wishing they had one of the much sought-after, but nearly impossible to get Cis-Lunar radial scrubbers. Most likely the best scrubber ever built, they are rarely seen for sale, and they cost a fortune when they are. Many people have payed more than $2,000 just for the can.

Innerspace Systems is poised to release their own version of the Cis-Lunar scrubber, but as of now, they are not selling it to the general public, and there is really no word on when they will. If you want a radial scrubber in your Meg your only options are to wait for someone to sell their Cis-Lunar scrubber and be prepared to take out a second mortgage on your house to buy it, or build your own.

As it happens, building one is exactly what Ken (skipbreather) over at rebreatherworld did. Not only did he build one for himself, he also published all of his shop drawings so that, with a few tools, we can all build our own. He estimates that the materials cost about $300, but unless you have a pretty well-stocked shop, you are likely to need some new tools as well… Darn. Don’t we all just hate to buy new tools.

Anyhow, check it out. Depending on how much the ISC version costs, this may be the direction I go.

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