Cheney Tries to Scare Americans Into Voting Republican

Faced with loosing control of congress, Cheney and his pack of radical conservatives have sunk to an all-time low. According to his statements on Fox News (imagine that) insurgents are stepping up their violence in Iraq with the hopes that we will vote the Republicans out of office.

Cheney: “Whether it’s al Qaeda or the other elements that are active in Iraq, they are betting on the proposition they can break the will of the American people. They’re very sensitive to the fact that we’ve got an election scheduled.”

Why didn’t he just buy some TV time and come on with a grim face and say “The terrorists WANT you to vote Democrat!” I have to say that it’s pretty sad to see our leaders stooping to such infantile tactics. The only thing the Republicans have to run on is fear, and because it’s not working anymore they just sink lower and lower in an effort to scare us into thinking we need them. Sorry pal. It looks like America has had it with your fear mongering. Your days of power are just about up.

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