Gas Blending System

With the help of my friend in Reno, I was finally able to get my gas blending system together and working. This system will allow me to connect nearly any type of industrial gas cylinder to any type of SCUBA or medical oxygen tank. I can even connect it up directly to banks of 4500 PSI air.

When building these systems, many people decide to incorporate quick disconnects at the supply side to facilitate quick changes in gas for making custom blends. This allows for the adaptor to stay connected to the industrial gas cylinder, while making it easy to move the whip from gas to gas. This is a great design in theory, but these connectors tend to develop leaks over time, which can be frustrating and costly, especially when working with helium.

In order to maintain the flexibility of quick disconnects without the problem of leaky connections, Keith had the brilliant idea to standardize the entire system on SCUBA DIN connectors. This makes switching source gas nearly as easy, but results in a much more solid and leak-proof connection. A male DIN connector is at each end of the fill whip, and all bulk cylinder adaptors have a female DIN connector on the whip side. Connecting up your source gas becomes as easy as screwing in your SCUBA first stage.

In the interest of being thorough, I decided to get the system with just about every type of cylinder adaptor imaginable. For the time being, I really only plan on doing transfils from industrial gas cylinders for my gas blending, but at some point I may decide to hook it up to a booster. My rebreather tanks are only 20 cf, so I can’t really justify the cost at the moment, but if I ever start making TRIMIX in anything larger, I will have to invest in some type of booster to make the helium go further.

PB130006.JPG PB130007.JPG
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3 thoughts on “Gas Blending System

  1. Congrats on the great site! Can’t say I ever expected to find such a wealth of info on both linux/unix-ish/macish things and diving! fun stuff! looking at your transfill whip here, and had a few questions as I’m researching gases and mixing (no courses yet, but I’ll get there). How are you liking your whip? Any thoughts or ways you’d improve on it? I found most of what you’ve shown in the pics at ttp://, but wonder where you got your parts? I’m just going through the pics and itemizing what you’ve done, and looking at the 3rd pic in the post (closeup of the analog gauge), I’m wondering about the fitting between the T and the hose. Looks like a 1/4″ M NPT coupler, with what might be a check valve??? It would make sense, but hoping you could clarify. Thanks

  2. Hi Scott,

    That part is a check valve… I would have rather had it on the fill side before the needle valve, but the fittings didn’t work out that way.

    You can get most of the parts through Salvo:

    I got mine from a friend who owns a dive store, and I admit that I’m not sure where he ordered them from. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

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