James Carville Pouts – Howard Dean Celebrates

James Carville seems to lack the ability to understand that his myopic view of political campaign funding is outdated and wrong. DNC Chairman Howard Dean has always flown in the face critics like Carville by asserting that the DNC should fund Democratic campaigns in all fifty states, and his plan works! Democratic candidates have won a number of unexpected victories in the 2006 election, and we now control both the houses of congress.

James Carville, however, continues to pout and complain. He, along with a couple of other Washington establishment types say that we could have won even more House seats had Dean funneled more money into them.

Well, screw you Carville! Nobody even expected us to win the Senate until a few weeks before the election, and had we followed your idiotic plan for funding campaigns, we wouldn’t have, because we’d have given up on winning in states Like Virginia and Montana long before the election even took place. Apparently Carville and his likes just can’t accept being wrong and learning from those who are smarter than them. After all, it’s idiots like these guys who worked so hard to torpedo Deans Presidential campaign, and run Kerry instead. Yeah, sure… We should listen to them!

For his part, Dean responded in a very cool, calm, professional manner.


It was a great win for what I call the new Democratic Party. This is the new Democratic Party. The old Democratic Party is back there in Washington, sometimes they still complain a little bit.

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  1. I wrote for my blog Howard Dean’s accomplishments versus James Carville’s failures, to shoot back at James Carville who said that Howard Dean should be fired after the Democrats won through Dean’s fifty-state strategy both houses of congress. I cross posted it on Bellaciao.org and below you will read the comments coming from one poster to it. While there is no URL to back these comments up, perhaps this is one reason why Chavez’s opposition candidate is doing poorly and by all the polls that I have seen Chavez will beat Rosales. My message to Rosales, fire James Carville.


    Great article! Putative “Democratic strategist” and Dean basher, James Carville has done nothing for the Democratic Party since participating in Clinton’s 1992 campaign. And he didn’t do much for the Democratic Party prior to 1992, as he was campaign manager to Lieberman’s predecessor in Democratic Party bashing, Zell Miller.
    Since 1992, Carville took his dog and pony show (Begala, Shrum, Greenberg, et. al.) to Boliva, where he worked for the reactionary former president, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (a/k/a “Goni”) who was elected President in 2002 with only 22% of the vote, then Goni was chased from office two months later for his arrogant, anti-worker, anti-peasant, pro market capitalism and International Monetary Fund policies. Goni’s opponent in the 2002 election, Evo Morales, lost to “Goni” by 1%, then went on to take the Bolivian presidency with 54% of the vote.
    Carville’s most recent foray into anti-democratic politics is in Venezuela, where he has been hired by Manuel Rosales, darling of the Bush anti-Chavez faction, who is opposing President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela’s December, 2006 election. At last count, Chavez was ahead of Rosales in the polls by a 22% (35% of likely voters) lead.

    Carville’s favorite slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid”, will hardly work in Venezuela, where the economy is booming — growing at 12% a year. In addition, Chavez has brought healthcare, literacy, low cost food and job training to the millions of Venezuela who had access to none of these prior to Chavez’s first election in 1998.
    Knocking grass roots based DNC chair, Howard Dean, after the enormous success of Dean’s 50 State Strategy in 2006, while aiding the Bush administration’s candidates in the Bolivian and Venezuelan elections, suggests that Carville is not a Democrat. His campaign history since 1992 also suggests that he is not much of a strategist.

    November 17th is Governor Dean’s birthday, a good day to donate to the DNC in his honor and in spite of James Carville.

  2. Mary could use a little more caution in the way she sings the praises of Hugo Chavez, me thinks.

    I like Chavez. I also hope he looses office. He needs to lead his missions as a CEO or Chairperson of the Board in the private non-profit sector. Why? He’s immature, reckless and an idiot. Why do I like him? He’s quite action oriented and sincere about elevating the conditions of the oppressed. But he understands zip nada about democracy.

    Carville drives me nuts the way he spins. I love to shout at Carville when he’s on the tube. But I like him too, and I hope he keeps on helping to teach Chavez a lesson or two or three.

    Carville’s record as a political strategist is mixed….hell…the record of most successful campaign strategists is mixed, and that includes the insanely great ones like James Carville and Karl Rove (ok, Rove is just plain insane!)

    Will a Rosales loss to Chavez demonstrate that Carville and the Adenauer Foundation and whoever else offers aid to Venezuela’s democratic opposition is now and forever ineffectual? Nah. No way. This election is the beginning of the end of the Chavez presidency. He’s gone about as far as he is going to go, and his opposition appears to have learned the lessons of the past inaction and corruption that created the vacuum that Chavez filled.

    Just as Karl Rove helped set the stage for Republican hegemony in the South building upon a “failed” Goldwater Campaign, James Carville is helping to set the stage for the renewal of the humanistic politics of Venezuela’s social democrats and christian democrats. Is that failure? No. It’s historical progress.

  3. I think it’s important to realize that many Americans very much hate George W. Bush. Chavez has been an outspoken critic of this President, and as such, has won a special place in the hearts and minds of this group. He has given oil to America’s poor when our own government has turned its back on them, and this has made him into a folk-hero of sorts. Does he have his bad points? Sure, but it’s still nice to see him call Bush “the Devil”.

  4. Well, it’s a no brainer really…but let’s not give Bush that much credit. Just for fun an analogy may be order. Bush is the novice devil Wormwood to Cheney’s neo-conservative senior demon Screwtape.

    I enjoyed Chavez performance at the UN. I really did. It was very amusing. But it was very childish too, and another indicator that Chavez might have a little growing-up to do, eh?

    A grown-up Chavez might see fit to remove himself from Fidel’s sandbox.

  5. To be sure, bush is more the devil’s puppet than the devil himself… I love the analogy!

    I completely agree that the Chavez performance at the UN was infantile, but I really loved it anyhow. You’re right though… His country could benefit from him “growing up a little”. Thanks for the great comments Alan!

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