Stikfas Ninjas Pwn Stikfas Pirates

P6170141.JPGI was an only child, so I’ve always been pretty good at entertaining myself. So, when my Stikfas ninjas and pirates arrived, I just couldn’t resist setting up a little battle between them.

Robert Hamburger, in his excellent text Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book tells us that ninjas fight pirates “all the time”, and that the pirate is “no match for the skills and speed of the ninja”. What better media than Stikfas, I though, to illustrate the vast superiority of the ninja over the pirate.

Between Matt and I we have a LOT of Stikfas ninjas and pirates, so there has been some talk of making a stop motion movie using scripts from Robert’s book. The problem is that most of the scripts end with the ninjas celebrating their victory over the pirates by “whaling on a guitar” and flirting with girls. Since we don’t have any Stikfas guitars or girls, we’re going to have to get some before we can make the movies.

Stikfas, as geeky toys go, are pretty cool. They are very posable, fairly inexpensive, and they have a lot of exchangeable parts. The only real problem is that when you remove the parts from the injection molded tabs, the remaining plastic is sharp and really does need to be trimmed with an Exacto knife. This takes some time, but the result is well worth it.




5 thoughts on “Stikfas Ninjas Pwn Stikfas Pirates

  1. I remember the first Stickfa I saw, I think it was S.W.A.T. They’re pretty cool. It looks like I should check out what they have since I think there was only one type when I got mine!

    I’d love to see a stopmo movie. I’ve always thought about doing one with lego, but I lack the attention spa

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