DEA Agent Shoots His Own Foot

Zach showed me this video yesterday, and I just couldn’t get enough of it! I mean is there anything better than a cop standing around a bunch of school kids bragging about how nobody is more qualified to handle a handgun than him, and promptly shooting himself in the foot? I submit that there is not!

Actually I really can’t believe it! First, why would he bring a loaded firearm into a school? Secondly, how in the world did he manage to touch it off? Finally, how did we all get so lucky to have a video camera running when it happened? It seems like the stars just lined up this time. I know I tend to be hard on the cops, but the attitude that this guy displays really gets under my skin. So many times they take that annoying superiority attitude, and it’s nice to see that it finally came full-circle… Even if only this once.

One thought on “DEA Agent Shoots His Own Foot

  1. Have you heard about the police in Tijuana? Their guns were taken away from them in exchange for slingshots & ball bearings. Guess they can’t be trusted with guns anymore…

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