Ecto is Busted in WordPress 2.1

Last week I took this site to WordPress 2.1 and much to my dismay realized that Ecto, my favorite XMLRPC blogging client no longer worked. It would let me post, but it was never able to update the category information for posts… It just hung with no error. I looked into it, and found out that Ecto expects the category information to be returned as a string, not an int.

Adriaan, the developer of Ecto is blaming WordPress, while I’m sure the folks at Automattic would call it an Ecto problem… That’s just how these things tend to work. Anyhow, it’s pretty easy to fix if you make this quick change to xmlrpc.php.

Simply change this on line 180:

'categoryId' => $catid,

To this:

'categoryId' => (string) $catid,

Hopefully someone will go back to their code tree and make a permanent fix so we don’t have to constantly edit this file every time we upgrade.

12 thoughts on “Ecto is Busted in WordPress 2.1

  1. To be exact, it is an Automattic issue and a bug as the spec clearly calls for a string, not an int.

    Still, ecto COULD be more forgiving, as MarsEdit still worked despite the incorrect data type.

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  5. Thanks for the tip! I love Ecto and I love WordPress, and I was so bummed when they stopped playing nice with each other.

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