Defeating the Government’s Active Denial System

The US government, in its undying lust to find new and exciting ways to keep its citizens under wraps has developed the Active Denial System. This device works by directing electromagnetic radiation at a frequency of 95 GHz toward the subjects. The waves excite water molecules in the epidermis to around 55 C (130 degrees Fahrenheit), causing an intensely painful burning sensation.

While the skin is not actually burned, the sensation is very painful, and can only be tolerated for a few seconds. The focused beam can be directed at targets at a range of just under half a kilometer, or 500 yards, making it a great tool to use on nonviolent protesters or just about anyone who would speak out against the all-mighty government.

I, in my undying lust to find new and exciting ways prevent the police state from exercising its Orwellian control over the public, find myself delighted to tell you how to defeat this system. As anyone who has taken a physics class can tell you, electromagnetic radiation can not penetrate a conductor. This is how a microwave works… Inside your nukerator is all kinds of EM radiation, but the little metal mesh on the front of the door keeps it inside and prevents you from cooking yourself.

Knowing this, we can come up with a host of ways to defeat the Active Denial System. You could create a wire-mesh shield, and bring it with you to your protest. This would work fine, but the mesh would have to be VERY tight, as the ADS delivers a much higher frequency wavelength at 95GHz than the measly 2450 MHz (a wavelength of 12.24 cm) that your microwave uses. You could line your jacket and pants with tin foil – remembering of course that you must also protect your face and neck.

You get the idea, simply put a mesh or sheet of conductive material between yourself and the ADS, and you win… Have fun storming the castle!

27 thoughts on “Defeating the Government’s Active Denial System

  1. A aluminum foil cap will also keep the aliens from reading my mind! Finally, I won’t look like a fool.

    Seriously though, this seems like a great weapon for use where we have our troops in a hostile environment. For those at home, read as angry mob attacking people. Not read as non violent protest.

    Like anything there are risks and concerns of such a device being used on our own people. I’m also curious as to the long term health effects of being subjected to this wave.

  2. Alas, the alien/government mind control subjects have graduated to chicken wire helmets, after an MIT study demonstrated that tinfoil hats actually amplify RF signals into the brain. The study tested many designs, including “the ‘classic’ all over skull cap; the ‘fez’ conical design; and the ‘centurion’ which has a foil peak”, and all were double-layered tinfoil. We’re talkin’ good tinfoil hats here! Leave it to the Media Lab…

    The Washington Post (Sunday) Magazine just recently published a cover story entitled Mind Games, by Sharon Weinberger, and the Washington Post website as well as Ms. Weinberger’s blog are both flooded with active discussions amongst the wackados – uh, TI’s (targeted individuals), as they like to be called – who claim to be surreptitiously controlled by the government.

    The article also alludes to the Raytheon Silent Guardian technology – the same type of ADS described here in your blog – as one of the many secretive ways in which mind control is perpetrated.


  3. The N S A tennists are attacking me with the Active Denial System Weapon satellite as I write this.
    I am in a grounded cage of Faraday of chicken wire mesh, wear a mu-metal aluminum foil pyramid shaped hat and have covered the walls and ceiling with aluminum foil.
    The attacks are not even stopable with led which I thought because the radiation used is close to ionizing radiation.
    Please let me know if you know any way to shield.
    The attacks are hurting immensely and I know I am innocent and have never been arrested so what the peace activists write is all true.
    Even criminals have a right to a fair trial (U D H R art. 8&10) and the right to physical integrity is always infringed when the Active Denial System weapon and even when cancer U M T S radiation is used. Please write me if you know a way to shield.
    Led, the inlays of a package of Philip Morris One Super Light cigarettes, aluminium foil, chicken wire mesh, mu metal and a fire proof safe do not block their A D S WEAPON! beam what-so-ever.
    The N S A tennists might give you the idea it does by not attacking you for a while after shielding to mislead you and the public even more.
    300 Billion dollars down the Iraq war drain.
    200000 Gulf War Syndrome veterans.
    Please do not hurt the people on the side of the majority against the war if you would ever be attacked by these nut-cases, blow up a devil worshipping temple or one of their skullies or the Tomb at Yale University. Mitsvah.
    STOP The Active Denial System Weapon.
    Cancer U M T S is murder.

  4. Aluminum foil block cancer G S M and cancer U M T S, meaning aluminium foil attenuates cancer G S M with a factor 100 and cancer U M T S with a factor 30 which I have measured with the H F 36 C and H F 60 80 spectrum analyzer. I advise people to video tape the experiment. The amount of cancer G S M radiation is 100 times less behind the Aluminium foil than in front of it.

    The perpetrators active denial system weapon satellite is not blocked by grounded aluminum foil.

    Because my head starts pounding in the rhythm of the cancer U M T S pulses as soon as I leave the cage of Faraday I have no choice.

    The Active denial system weapon beam is felt less inside the cage but still hurts like hell.

    Next to carbon impregnated anti static film I have not tried active shielding, using a voltage on the cage to block certain frequencies.

    The people you hear in your skulls are the people creating hell on earth, the N S A tennist illegal voice to skull message perpetrators.

    If you know how to shield please let me know, I can put the info on line for you want to remain anonymous:

  5. “Error” as you call yourself. You are either really funny or really tragic. If you are serious about an Active Denial Sattellite that is attacking you, I suggest that you check yourself into your local hospital. The government, as bad as it is, does not care about you or your person. THey do not expend any resources against you. I believe that you are suffering from a highly treatable form of paranoia. It is imperative for your happiness to seek help now. The ADS cannot be weaponized on a satellite. The amount of energy required to deliver such microwaves from a space based platform exceeds the amount of energy the powerplant of a satellite can generate. Believe me, I am a Satellite technician at Kentucky State. You seem to be highly distressed. Seek help now; if left untreated situations like yours don’t end well.

    • Dear helper,
      I believe error because I, too, am a T.I. If you become
      a T.I., you will, too.

      I am wondering if you are a perp or just someone who
      goes around prescribing treatment for people when you don,t have all of the facts. The government has
      experimented on many people and they are still doing
      so. Check the web for info on the experiments that
      involved infecting black Americans.

      As for me, I have been put on there list by people
      who have a grudge against me. That,s all it takes.
      The same kinds of things were done in ww2 by the
      Gestapo. If you neighbor didn’t like you, they could turn you name into the Gestapo as being someone
      Who is anti-Nazi. It’s called abusing the system.

      ERROR- there appears to be quite a few frequencies in use including back-scatter x-rays. But really we should be contacting the people who can help us stop
      the abuse. The ACLU has put several things on their
      Site. Remember that the, who can see you and target
      your body parts, can also see you type and can interfere with your communications, email, phone or

      I am going to start experimenting with lead oxide, iron oxide, carbon (soot) and other chemicals mixed in a
      Paint base to see if I can make something that will
      help to shield the rf. These signals have the characteristics of ground penetrating radar.

      Take care, Error and may the Lord bless and help us as we live in this tyranny.

  6. What about a mylar space blanket? My winter Jacket is lined with a heat reflective layer of mylar…would that attenuate the effect?
    Physic’s is the problem therefore physic’s is the answer. Heat reflective gloves are available with mylar woven into the cotton mesh..again this might attenuate but not eliminate the effect.
    Firearms have an effective range of greater than a few well placed shots into the array will give this system short shrift.
    This is not something they can hide..if it can see can see it and take action.

  7. Hello,
    I would like to point out that RF waves (including) Voice To Skull microwaves can be ‘conducted’ by metal foil just like any wire.

    Penetration (as you say) can be stopped (if) the foil conducts the waves away (from your body) to another point such as earth ground.

    Merely walking around with foil isn’t enough. The foil must be electrically capable of ‘conducting’ the offending waves away from you.

    Done correctly, metal foil can be a very effective defense against Voice to Skull. But it takes a knowledgable person (such as a Ham Radio operator) to understand the requirements of good shielding. It can be done with the right technique.

    I have a background in Electronics Engineering. Best wishes to all….

  8. Quote: “a grounded cage of Faraday of chicken wire mesh”

    I am a targeted victim of such weapons. Chicken wire mesh ‘spacing’ is too wide for such shielding. You are better off using Aluminum screen with as many grids-per-inch as you can find. The Faraday cage (must be grounded) and have no openings that RF energy can find a way in.

    I believe that my PERPS use an airport type of viewing device that relies on the resonant frequency of Hydrogen ( a component of H2O and thus your body). This device shows enegy emitted from exicted Hydrogen atoms on your skin. It can see through walls and clothing from 100 or more feet away.

    By directing an enegy beam toward your body, a remote viewing device (as described in above paragraph) will likely reveal (how focused and where) on your body the energy is arriving. This would provide instant feedback to a PERP operating the beam allowing him/her to adjust power, angles, and perhaps target objects to use as a reflector, etc. This is why a (six-sided box) Faraday cage and shielding garments are so important. Attenuation of the effects are vital to getting rest and keeping a healthy state of mind.

    best wishes to all…

  9. how do you protect your eyes? and what are the long term effects of having this weapon shot into your eyes? sounds to me this would burn your lens or cornea. what we need to know is how to redirect the beam back at them. i would think this to be possible

  10. i believe i’ve been targeted for some time- when i feel i’m being cooked, take a long cold shower- an do a chinese longevity exercise- till i’m no longer chilled- i’ll feel fine for an hour or 2 and then repeat it if necessary- so a faraday cage is the only way to go- what if i bought and lived in an alluminum trailer or rv?

  11. I know that this activity is going on and anyone who denies this under the guise of mental illness is really embarassing themselves. The problem is that really the exact mechanism used by those involved, to produce these effects is not known. When victims attempt to defend their claims of harrassment by trying to explain “how” it is done they just expose themselves. I am in healthcare, not physics or electical engineering, to the person above that claims to be a sattelite engineer, you are not a very good one if you really think that this activity is not occuring or not possible. For you to say to go to a mental hospital for help is ignorance. The activity needs to stop plain and simple no matter how it is being done it is going to stop. I am not going to try to explain the mechanism ie microwaves or any wave because I know that I will not determine the way it is done, but that is not the point and certainly not the answer because I am sure there are multiple mechanisms to produce the negative effects. This is known by anyone who is schooled. I an not sure if you are just a really bad sattelite engineer or a part of the problem. In any event when you start to hear voices you can be mis diagnosed as paranoid scitzophrenia like the other thousands who indeed are just being targeted for electronic harrasment.

  12. much of the mind control and harassment is done by scalar waves- a different form of electromagnetism,i suggest you all research the subject,you will realise the truth.

    it is not done by humans either,its done by future ai,artificial i ntelligence who have a problem with free will.spread the word everywhere,future ai,its a big secret but its the truth and the world must know.

  13. Aluminium foil gets penetrated. I am considering wearing a helmet to block out the em wave.
    Same thoughts as you Mike wouldn’t want to look like a fool. For people to read my mind

  14. It works. I did an experiment and put my handphone in a stainless steel pot covered up. The handphone cannot detect any rf signals. You got to be an ironman. Cheers!

  15. Microwave energy may not do permanent damage to the skin, but the cornea of the eye my be vulnerable, it can be burned by 14Ghz Ku band because it lacks sufficient circulation to cool the tissue.
    So I am researching this 95 Ghz radar-band radio energy to try to see if it might blind someone, It radiates from the ADS antenna at 200000 watts, thats a huge amount of energy.
    Also, people should be very careful with meshes and foils, You don’t want to focus or concentrate the energy.

  16. I am currently working on a safe way to shield this 95 Ghz radio energy. My first thought is since it will only penetrate one or two milimeters, I think thick leather clothing would be very effective The correct mesh must be carefully engineered for the face and eyes. I am working on the correct hole spacing for 95 Ghz.

  17. Also, what people may not realize it the fact that radio energy of this frequency is extremely directional and easily reflected and bounced. Maybe the best way to deal with a deployment of the ADS is to reflect it back to the source. This frequency of 95 Ghz is in the radar spectrum, so perhaps a reflector material used in radar would be effective?

  18. I should add that the radar band I refer to is the 92 to 95Ghz Radiolocation band, and there are many different radar frequencies in use.

  19. On shielding: I recently found a company that I am convinced has a correct mesh for this application. Here is the link:;jsessionid=6695EC522F0137E5507C15E11C86334D.jvm1

    There is also a link to a research paper and formulas from NASA to help calculate the correct mesh size and shielding material on this webpage. This is a good place to start to do this the right way, and a great resource for anyone with RF shielding needs.

  20. People that laugh at this are the retards. The secret government has technology that are unimaginable. Science is flaud, physics is wrong, history is wrong, religion is fake, and your whole world is a lie. Oh and by the way, the mind control signals don’t need satellites, they use CELL PHONES and TOWERS. The signals ARE the pulsing EM mind control waves.

  21. Remember, the level of power in a light beam or
    Microwave beam is one of the determining factors of
    Whether damage is done or not. A laser pointer beam
    Won,t hurt you, but boost it to several thousand watts
    And it will. Same for microwaves.
    Keep thinking, guys, and pray to God for help.

    Mike (aka martybttfmcfly)

  22. I worked for Motorola C &E for thirteen years and when we were working on pagers (beepers to the technically uneducated) &/or portable two-way radios we worked in a screen room. It was made of window-screen like material. It was a copper mesh that resembled window screen and it was all grounded to prevent unwanted signals from interferring with your tests. So you could use a mesh around your glasses to protect your eyes and you would still be able to see. I believe you could use aluminum mesh which would be damn near as effective. However, you would have to drag a length of grounding chain or wire.

  23. Also, you could devise or construct a shield of said mesh to carry in front of you or you could construct a type of chain mail to protect the rest of your body.

  24. What you really need is a reflective device that would reflect the power back into the transmitting device and cause it to burn up, like a mis-matched antenna. However, most solid-state devices have VSWR detecting devices that would shut down the transmitter. Hmmm, another idea worth looking into.

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