Giant Rabbits in North Korea

Back in in February 2006, an East German named Karl Szmolinsky won a prize for breeding Germany’s largest rabbit, a 23 pound “German Gray Giant” named “Robert”. It sounds like something from a science fiction film, but when you consider the fact that these creatures are the size of dogs and that they breed like, well — rabbits, you can easily begin to see how farming them could help to solve part of the world’s hunger problem.

North Korea has a population of 23 million, many of whom, according to the United Nations Food Program, are suffering from widespread food shortages and sustain themselves on a diet lacking critical proteins and fats. When the communist country heard about these huge rabbits, they wasted no time in asking Szmolinsky to help them set up a rabbit farm to help relieve the country’s hunger problems.

“I’ll be travelling to North Korea in April to advise them on how to set up a breeding farm. A delegation was here and I’ve already given them a book of tips”, Szmolinsky said back in January. Recently he sent them 12 of the huge bunnies, but when he went to arrange his visit, he was told that the Government had canceled his trip because it was unhappy with news coverage of the sale.

While North Korea denies it, Szmolinsky suspects that the animals have already been sold and eaten. It’s a shame that they most likely ended up on the tables of some rich people who fancied the novelty of it all rather than helping to provide nutrition to the poor and starving.

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  1. I think that these rabbits are precious. I live in Alaska and wonder if it were possible to purchase one and have it sent here to Anchorage. I am not sure how to proceed but if anyone knows how to get more information that would be wonderful.

  2. I never though i would see a rabbit that size. I would love to try my hand at raising a couple. I really do believe that it could provide a great food source and would go a long way in feeding the nations hungry. send me all the imformation you can on how to purchase a couple pair.

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