Fly Your Motorcycle To Work

With my miserable 49 mile commute to work every day, I’ve been constantly wishing I had a way to turn my drive into a flight. The Moller Skycar has, of course had me dreaming since I first saw it, but its been vaporware so long that I have all but given up. Furthermore, there is now evidence that the company might be scamming investors, and with a price tag of$500,000 to $1,000,000, I can’t imagine buying one even if they hit showrooms tomorrow.

The Super Sky Cycle made by Butterfly Gyroplane, might just be the ticket though. It can take off and land in just a few feet, making it handy for flying to places that don’t have an airport. It can fly at a top speed of 100 MPH, meaning I could get to work much much faster than the 1 + hour it takes me now. An for the best part, you can fold up the rotors once you land and drive it in motorcycle mode to your final destination! I have to wonder if it will fit into a standard parking space.

My days of driving to work aren’t quite over though… I will still have to save my pennies if I’m going to pony up the $37,195.00 to buy one. Still, the Super Sky Cycle is the most promising alternative to driving I’ve been able to find so far.

Hat Tip: Roderick for the pointer!

6 thoughts on “Fly Your Motorcycle To Work

  1. But wouldn’t you need to DRIVE this to your final destination? In affect, you’re still driving. I would think you would love to hate this too as it’s 3 wheels make it near a car! 😉

  2. For 38,000.00 dollars No F’n Way !! It looks more like a bicycle frame w/ a motor and rotor Do you get free gas for a year? Yes it’s a great Idea and the answer to a peacefull commut to work BUT your asking price is way, way out of line especially since Honda or any other Japanese motor cycle company could and will under cut your price and product by 20,000 Please come back to Earth so I could afford one.

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