Duct Tape Prom Wear

Everyone really loves duct tape, but by when I realized that there is a national contest to decide which couple can make the best Senior prom dress and tux out of this magical adhesive, I quickly realized that some love it a great deal more than others!

This morning I heard a radio story about Cassandra Openshaw and Nick Carber, students at Narraguagus High School in Milbridge Maine who used used 45 rolls and 9 different colors of Duct Tape to make the attire for their tropical theme prom… And I thought the guy I saw selling duct tape wallets was cool!

Later I read about the “Stuck At Prom” contest that awards $6,000 in scholarship money to the couple with the most creative and original duct tape prom cloths. Past winners can be seen here.

Cassandra Openshaw and Nick Carber

Cassandra Openshaw and Nick Carber

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  1. Hey… This is Cassandra Openshaw from the above picture.. if this website would like any further information regarding our prom attire. Feel free to contact me! Thanks

  2. Narraguagus is in the town of Harrington, not Milbridge. Although kids from like 7 towns go to that one high school so it’s probably THEY were from Milbridge.

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