802 – Hip Hop Vermont Style

Long story short, I do not like hip hop, but these two guys who wrote this song about living Vermont did an outstanding job of commenting on life in the Green Mountain Sate. The video was made entirely in Montpelier.

From a distance, Vermont seems like an idealic place that is pristine, progressive and filled with artists and craftspeople. While this is somewhat true, there are other, less attractive aspects as well. Being a rural state, you tend to get a lot of back woods types that are in love with the idea of “protecting” their property from imagined threats with ridiculously large arsenals of firearms and so on. Still, despite their vast differences, the most radical Vermont communist tends to get along fairly well with the most fiercely patriotic Vermont redneck in ways that you would never think possible. It’s a cool state, but not entirely without its annoyances.

7 thoughts on “802 – Hip Hop Vermont Style

  1. If Vermont is so cool, why are towns trying to secede to NH?

    Admittedly, I have a certain fondness for Vermont, having lived there for seven years and immensely enjoying the writings of Noel Perrin on life in rural Vermont.

    The biggest problem that Vermont has is that it has a terrible mix of NY/MA yuppies and Vermont natives – two things that nature never intended to combine.

  2. Vermont is strange- it is probably the most liberal state, but has some of the absolute BEST gun laws. You don’t even need a permit to carry a concealed gun! I’ve met many a hardcore redneck there who are solidly Democrat, but even though I don’t agree w/ there politics, they are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and theyy never hold the politics of this Republican Redneck from New Hampshire against me. Plus, even the Stalinists are militantly pro-gun.!

  3. cute! these two mentioned so many things that make VT VT.but, i must say, they’re performance’ does not truly rep VT hip hop Check out Twin State of Mind on myspace. this trio makes their own beats, and can actually rhyme over the beat! good people too.

  4. Vt has been known for cultivating high quality marijuana and when consumed marijuana has been known for cultivating high quality music. This is Dr.Pain working with 27 Project in Newport, Vt. This is some of the best hiphop music coming out of vermont by far. check it out.


    also watch for another Vt act known as Mo-Pain, there are two trackson my profile, but it will have a profile of its own soon, also this is some of the best chill music to come out of Vermont.



  5. WOW lets see this was a joke Sharrie take it easy they were making run of VT Hip hop and were not trying to rhyme over the beat. Who cares about Twin State of Mind, they can not be that good as they do not have a video such as this one which has millions of views on You Tube. This video is awesome!

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