Strom Thurmond – Still History’s Biggest Windbag

Strom Thurmond conducted the longest filibuster in history when he talked to the US senate for 24 hours in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957. All these years, Thurmond’s throne as nation’s biggest windbag has gone totally without challenge… Until now.

Jeffrey Long, a high school student from the Buffalo, NY area, decided that the time had come from someone to unseat the late, but long-winded US Senator and proposed to out-talk him for his senior project. He set up camp at the Buffalo Historical Society and started talking. He talked and talked and talked until shortly after 4:00 AM, when he sat down to take a short break and promptly nodded off to sleep.

He was only five hours short of breaking Thurmond’s record.

I’m sorry you didn’t quite make it Jeffrey. It’s not easy to out-talk the biggest windbag in America’s history.

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