Using My New Mac Mini

My new Mac Mini came in yesterday and I just got it all up and running. I had some misgivings about allowing the system to transfer over all my applications and information from the old system, but I went ahead and did it anyhow simply because I seriously doubted I could find all the CD’s for my software. For the most part, the process went smoothly, although I had to do a little cleanup afterwards because a few applications did not work after the migration.

I was also a bit concerned about what kind of performance I would get out of the new Intel processor because many of my applications are older and were compiled on the old PPC chips. This has turned out to be a total non-issue! I got the new Mini fully loaded with a 1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo processor, 2 Gigs of RAM, and a 160 Gig SATA drive, so even the older applications that require the carbon libraries scream right along.

While I would have obviously liked to get the Mac Pro, I am very much enjoying using my new Mini, and feel that I can recommend it fully.

3 thoughts on “Using My New Mac Mini

  1. The mini has always been a fine machine in my opinion, even if they were gimped a bit in the begining by absurdly slow, 4200rpm hard drives. I just wish Apple would release a mini with a high end graphics card (or a user accessible PCI-E slot). It would make a yummy little gaming machine in a super small foot print that would be the envy of the LAN party.

  2. Amen to that! I have a friend who boxes up his iMac to bring to lan parties… Since there are always plenty of monitors around, being able to bring his mini would really make things nice for him. I wonder if the heat generated by high-end graphics cards is the problem?

  3. While I imagine the heat generated by the card could become an issue, I’m not an apple engineer, so I don’t really care about the technical difficulties they’d have to overcome… Like most mac users, I just want it to work. 😛

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