Is Blogging Like Sex?

Bloggers tend to interact a lot with other bloggers. Particularly the use of features like trackbacks and pringbacks encourage sites to to link to blogs because the favor can be returned with a link exchange. The purpose of this technology, as well as the use of comments, is to facilitate topical discussion between blogs, which it does quite well… Just look at how many blogs have sprung up lately.

Rosevibe points out that this interactive behavior is very much like sex. She writes:

1) Sex – better when someone else is interacting with you, blogging – better when someone interacts with you.

2) Sex – there’s always someone claiming to be an ‘expert’ telling you that ‘this is how you do it, these are the tools you need.. There’s books, videos, you name it and someone’s writing about it.. Oh wait, was that sex or blogging I was talking about there..?

Certainly no argument here. Getting a comment or an incoming link is always much appreciated, and we’re constantly kicking around ideas to make our blogs better. Her point is mostly that blogging about blogging is similar to sex.

I mean C’mon! People are making money blogging about blogging – does this make them the porn stars of the blogosphere?

I don’t know if I totally buy into that, but the interactive discussions and link sharing certainly have some resemblance. It’s an interesting point anyhow.

3 thoughts on “Is Blogging Like Sex?

  1. heh it’s especially nice when someone picks up one of your brain farts and runs with it *grin* thank you for the compliment. 😉

    Perhaps on the porn star front I was wrong, after all if you get paid for sex you’re a prostitute, not a porn star, so really I guess that makes the pro-bloggers blogging prostitutes *grin* would you buy into that?

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