Making a Connector for the Teldyne R22D Oxygen Sensor

If you dive rebreathers much, chances are you will have to repair or replace the Molex plugs and pins that connect your Teledyne R22D oxygen sensors to your head electronics. Many manufacturers are cool about sending you the parts so that you can do the repair yourself, but some, such as AP Diving require that you send the entire head back for this simple repair.

If you are comfortable handling electronics, and you think it’s silly to have to send your head all the way to England or wherever just to have a couple of parts costing less than $1 replaced, you can get the parts you need from just about any distributor that sells electronic components. I like Digi-Key because they would sell me the crystals to make a Red Box when nobody else would. I’ve been loyal ever since.

Here are the parts you will need:

Digi-Key part number: WM1129-ND
Manufacturer Part number: 08-56-0110



Digi-Key Part Number: WM2001-ND
Manufacturor Part Number: 22-01-3037



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