Why Did my Arm Fall Asleep?

It’s been a while since I last woke up from a deep sleep and realized that my arm felt like a big lump of wood attached to my body that I could neither move nor feel. I have, however, been suffering increasing problems with numbness and tingling in my hands, most likely because my work has my fingers perpetually connected to a keyboard and I am starting to get carpel tunnel.

It got me thinking about what exactly causes my extremities to fall asleep. I had heard the common explanation that it is caused by lack of blood flow, but this always seemed unlikely to me because my limbs have never turned blue, and such a lack of proper oxygenation to cells would most certainly cause permanent damage.

I did some research, and discovered that an extremity will begin to “fall asleep” when pressure is applied to nerve pathways, causing them to loose their electrochemical connection with the brain. This interruption in signal causes the impulses coming into the brain from the extremity to become garbled and random, resulting in the tingling sensation we are used to feeling when our body part begins to go numb. Interestingly, this can also be caused when pressure is applied to an artery, restricting blood flow to the extremity and depriving nerve cells of nutrients. The initial tingling serves as an early warning system to tell us that we should adjust our position so that we can avoid the serious nerve damage that could result should the blood flow be restricted for an extended period of time.

The random signals interpreted by our brains as tingling are usually all it takes to get us to adjust position and solve the problem, but occasionally, we are so sound asleep that we don’t notice it and the extended pressure causes a total loss in nerve connectivity. When this happens the extremity goes completely numb and our brain is unable to move or feel it at all. Since we have passed the early warning system at this point, I am unsure what exactly stirs in our brain to alert us to the situation, but I can attest that the sensation of having a totally dead feeling arm attached to my body is disturbing to say the least. As is the extended period of tingling when the limb comes back to life.

At least I now know why it happens.

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  1. For me, the most disturbing part is poking my numb hand with my good hand and not feeling the poke. I usually find that I can still move the extremity even when it’s numb (although I can only tell it’s moving by looking at it), but from what I’ve read it’s already on it’s way to waking up if I can move it.

  2. Cool I’m glad I found this post, I had the exact same symptoms yesterday. I woke up from a deep sleep, and my left arm was like a log. I was like, “what the heck”. I couldn’t move it or feel anything, so I sat up, extended it, and moved it around with my right arm. Eventually the sensation went away, and my arm felt normal again. It didn’t really scare me, but it was weird how my arm was literally dead.

    I hope my brain waves will wake me up next time!

  3. I think it can be part of neuropathy and vitamin absorption I also have gastritis with other symptoms I think its more serious indication of another condition Im working on the answer.

  4. My arem didn’t go to sleep when in bed at night, it started in the middle of the day. I started useing SPLENDA, the sugar substiute, I was useing it on everything. I take medication to lower my cholestrol and triglycerides so now I’m afraid to use it any more for fear of the substitute could work against the medications that I take and cause a bigger build-up of the cholestrol and trglycerides. Does that sound likely to you? I don’t want to go to the doctor about the arm because he didn’t tell me to use the SPLENDA. Thanks

  5. have had it happen with both arms, last year was right one few times, scared me to death, no feeling at all, was dark, so no idea where arm even was. last night awoke with dead right arm, had been sleeping with it bent, still scary, cant sleep on back, never could, now what ?????????

  6. My arms have been falling asleep almost everynight. My carotoid artery dissected last November and I am wondering if anyone else has had that happen. I was diagnosed with FMD a disease of the arteries. But when my left artery dissected 5 years ago this never happened with my arms.
    Anyone else have this happen???

  7. I have had my arms, and hands fall asleep while I am sleeping for over 20 years. I used to have a lot of pain tingling sensations while the feeling was returning, but no longer. It’s a very strange feeling using hands that are asleep.

  8. Considering the fact that this has happened to me a number of times in the past, it has freaked me out a lot. Im sure the cause of this could be as simple as this article stated however, i also know that it could in fact me signs of something more serious going on with your system.
    My father was diagnosed with MS when he was in his early 30’s as was his sister when she was in her late 50’s. This arm just so happens to be a symptom of MS however its also a symptom of many other things.
    As for the person who posted the reply regarding the splenda, do your research. Splenda, thought derived from sugar, still isnt entirely safe for you. Like other artifical sweetners, they go through such extreme processes that it it changes the chemical makeup of the product. Our body doenst know how to break down or digest thing in their not so natural state therfore can cause undesirable effects to our systems.. not neceserally something we notice right away however if you read up on this as well as some of the diseases that effect our neuro pathways you will see that they instruct you to stay clear of these products, including splendia. I would suggest stevia.

  9. My arm(s) have been falling asleep in my sleep for a while now ( at least six months ). I wake up and its like paralysis in arm until I shake it and “wake it up”, which is bringing the blood flow back into my arm. I can actually feel the blood coming back into my arm and it hurts a little but after it is fully recovered I can move it again. Its just that its really dangerous because if I am half asleep and do not realize that it is asleep, I could potentially break it by putting pressure on it or trying to use it to hoist myself up. Does anyone know what this is from?

  10. My arms fall asleep every night. This condition is clearly aggravated by manual labor. When I do lots of digging or house painting or screw driver work, it gets much worse, to the point where I cannot sleep much past 4 am. I have to dangle my arm off the side of the bed, but then the other arm gets all prickly. No fun.
    Massage? Acupuncture? Not sure what to do.

    • I have the exact problem. It is almost entirely my left arm. I cant lay down, it is almost instantanious, I have to try to sleep sitting up. If I work really hard for a week straight it is almost unbearable. Please let me know if you have found anything that works. Thank you

  11. i noticed that since i have been weight lefting that my arm and legs have been falling asleep i have a broke finger that i have to sleep with it bent are my are my hand and sometimes arm falls asleep what do u think the problem might be

  12. Hi I have booked in to a neurologist as I cant sleep without losing feeling in both my arms and now my arms are so weak during the day like i have been doing weights but i can hardly use them I beliieve this has gone on with me for 2+ years and i am 29, but i am just really noticing the effect it has on my arms during the day. It doesnt matter how i sleep it still happens. I have had a swollen finger on one hand and can hardly clench my fists…am seeing the neuroligist in 10 days for some answers.

    • I saw your post. What did you find out? I am 29 and have been having my arms fall asleep in my sleep for a month or so. Doesn’t matter which position I sleep in.

    • I saw your post. I am 34, I am having the same problem. My right arm falls asleep several times a night and in various postions. When I wake up, I have to get out of bed and move around for 10-15 minutes to get the feeling back, and then my middle finger is sore and feels swollen the rest of the day. It has me very worried.

      I was wondering what you were able to find out.

    • Hey Kristy..what did the neuro doc tell you? I have the same problem, and it seems to be getting worse, I wake up every hour at night, I sleep on my back, so no way is circulation cut off.

  13. Kristy,
    What did the neurologist say? I went to a chiropractor but don’t have confidence that he can help. I should have seen a neurologist. Both of my arms go to sleep when Iie on my back. Am I causing permanent damage? Do I need to see a doctor if I’m not in pain?
    Thanks, Susan

  14. Extremeties feeling numb in the middle of the night while sleeping seems pretty common. My arms and legs fall asleep often during the day. When I took classes in college and raised my hand to answer a question, my arm would go numb quickly as if I had been laying on it for hours. The thing that concerns me the most these days is that after sitting at the computer for awhile, I’ll get up to go to the bathroom or something and I fall on the floor! My left leg gives out a lot. I don’t feel a tingling while I’m sitting. I just stand up and collapse and I usually laugh my arse off cause I feel dumb, but it’s soo not funny. I am a smoker and someone told me that they heard a story about a man who was a heavy smoker with circulation problems like I have..It got so bad that doctors actually had to amputate his leg!

    When I repeat the story people think it’s an urban legend or something. Is it true that smoking can cause this? It’s extremely painful when the blood starts flowing back to the limb! I usually just ball up and clench my teeth until it passes.

  15. Kristy I’m very interested in what your neurologist tells you. I have been considering seeing one because of my left arm going to sleep during deep sleep. It wakes me up every morning about 4:30 and there is quite a lot of pain as it begins to get the circulation back.

  16. for two months now. and continuing.. my left arm has similar symptoms.. during time when i am a awake.. just last week i was driving to and from a 200 mile stretch.. was scared my left arm kept going numb.. i change positions. it would go away… then come back.. I smoke. and lately have been smoking alot.. due to loss of job..
    well. during the drive.. tried many methods.. then started to breath very deeply the numbness and tingling would stop. however it would eventually come back so i took more deep breaths. and again would go away.
    two weeks prior.. i had a doctor check up for other things. and my blood pressure was like 80/110 ..through out my adult life i have never seen it like that. i contested that-that doesnt sound right and asked if the automatic machine is functioning .. i think i should have asked the nurse to do my right arm.. but never thought of it at that time.. but since this numbness and tingling continues. it really bothers me. seeing a doctor is not good due to finances at the moment.. but….will i live to make it to one..and the question is how serious is this symptom. and is there a resolution.. currently using amox/clav for that doctor visit.. but the arm was doing what its doing before i seen the doc..ANY IDEAS?

  17. My Grandmother had Rhenoids syndrome and I think I have it too. Mt hands and feet are always cold. I don’t know if that has something to do with circulation issues. Last night I woke up with no feeling on my right arm. I was crying when I woke up, because I thought it was the scariest feeling. My hands also fall asleep too. I am really concerned and wonder if I have nerve damage somewhere.

  18. I feel a bit better knowing I’m not alone with these bizzar symptoms. And there are such a lot of people suffering because of it. I’ve often had the tingling sensation until last night all I could feel was my shoulders – so scary. I have never smoked. I sit at a desk all day – for many years, so I go to circuit training to keep a bit mobile. I’m not overweight. I have recently began using a HRT patch which helps me sleep better – aha! I take Atacand for blood pressure control. But I have a sneaking suspicion it’s got something to do with the nerves/messages from the brain mmmm….
    I’m thinking I don’t want to go to sleep tonight . At 1am I got up and tried to sleep in the reclining chair once I got the feeling back. It’s a dilemma when the cost of medical help is so expensive and there is no guarantee a diagnosis or treatment can assist. My father passed away due to stroke so that could be another thing – blood clots in the brain? Just looking at all the possibilities. Good luck to everyone.

  19. Susan,, I have the same problem, when I’m laying on my back watching a movie both my arms would fall asleep even as I’m driving and talking on the phone it has me worried, It started about a week ago. I have a birth defect “wow” that sounds awful anyways I feel something simular to that in both legs left greater then right and the pain is so unbearble put it this way when my arms fall asleep and I start to feel the tingling and numbing then I starts to feel the pain well times that by 100 % thats what I feel in my legs I was diagnosis with spondy grade III, I had back surgery that just caused me with so much more pain. I’m suppose to go in for a second surgery hoping to repair the damages from the first. As for my arms I’m afraid the pain will get worse. I don’t know what it is, but for no reason at all my arms fall asleep, as they are know while I’m submitting my comment. I also notice that several of you where waiting for a response from Kristy Smith to find out what had happened with the neurologist and still no comment from her. I do hope all is well with her and with all of you who shared in there pain and discomfort. I have an appointment with one of my neurologist and hopfully I can come back with some tips or something that can help all of us understand with what we are going through and what can we do about it. So until then, I wish you all the best in health. Happy Holidays and A Very Happy But Safe New Year

  20. Hi
    Has anyone with these symptoms gone to a doctor and gotten a definite answer as to what is causing the problem of arms going to sleep? I’m wondering because I have this same problem. I went to a doctor and asked her about this along with a problem of my thyroid gland being swollen. She gave me the answer about why my thyroid gland was swollen (cyst) but said nothing about why my arm keeps falling asleep when I’m laying down at night. Thanks.


  21. I woke up with my left arm completely at sleep and extremely COLD in the middle of the night it was pretty scary and very uncomfortable once I started feeling it again. I don’t know if has anything to do with my hands and feet always being cold during the day, I think it has to do with my blood circulation, I hope its nothing serious though.

  22. Well Thanks To you all for replying / posting, I dont have much to report, I had an MRI i had a few lesions on my brain and 1 cyst..sounds bad but apparently not..There was talk of possible MS but could not be confirmed or diagnosed, My symptoms have decreased or i dont tend to notice them as much…sounds corny but thought i am not going to live like this and got out of my despair and started living. I still lean on my arm for 3 secs and it goes paraylised and arms fall asleep but i am ment to have another mri next month,
    I am quite thin..Drs think all my nerves dont have any padding and his could be the problem if its not MS which i doubt it is at this stage…also had the sitting down then getup and fall thing thats horrible again, i dont think i realise parts of me fall asleep. I think it is bad for all of us to experience this as whats the future hold????? i will keep checking back see if i can help

  23. I just happened across this as I too occasionally have arms falling asleep issues at night. I had it a while back and now it’s back and I was racking my brain about it. First of all, I know it’s because I’ve started up knitting at night again. I use my hands all day on a computer, and I think the extra use with knitting makes it worse. HOWEVER, I remember what cured me last time!!! I used to be a distributor for Nikken a long time back. They make electromagnets that you can wear that help with blood flow somehow. Years ago, I had started getting carpel tunnel, and I started wearing magnets on my wrist, and it was amazing the difference it made. So, the last time I started having issues, I contacted a local Nikken rep and I bought a bracelet from them, and I wore it and wa-la! no arms falling asleep!!! I can’t say it will work for everyone, but it’s worth trying for $50 or whatever. To find a Nikken rep, go to http://www.nikken.com. Good luck!

  24. My hands and forearms have been sleeping when I’m sleeping, but only if the are above my waist. It’s been about six months since this started happening. I point my arms down to my feet and clasp my hands, they are fine. I went to the regular doctor yesterday, and he’s so sure it is carpal tunnel syndrome, but it doesn’t hurt! Everything you read, says that with carpal tunnel you hurt. So, I have to make an appointment to be tested for carpal tunnel. It’s not carpal tunnel…..might have something to do with the burning that I have sometimes by to of shoulder blades. It is nerve, not circulation based.

  25. Since I have been working out my arms fall asleep at nighthave to keep my arms straight. they will fall asleep quick. It is bothering my sleep huge. what is it ? do I have to worry?

  26. i experience this often. In fact it happens in my arms, and my legs too. Last night, I woke in the middle of the night, but still half asleep, and my arm numbess scared me into thinking I was having a stroke or something, so I jusmped out of bed, before realizing my leg was numb to and fell down on my face. LOL Once I became more alert, I realized that it was just “asleep” and the ‘tinglies’ started coming to let me know my limbs were coming back alive. LOL

  27. I had this last night, I think. I fell asleep with my head resting on my right arm, and all of a sudden I woke up and felt like half of my arm wasn’t there. Of course, I freaked out. But this has happened to me before. glad I found this article, now I know what it means when my arm falls asleep.

  28. Wow, I’m surprised at how many people have this. I have Raynauds syndrome where my fingers will freeze really easily, usually it happens when I’m at the grocery store. They turn this ghostly shade of white…however last Feb. 2007 , I had an allergic reaction to a drug for a bladder infection and ever since then I’ve been experiencing the numbness thing that everyone is writing about..usually in some of my fingers, and sometimes my whole hand, sometimes my toes, usually while I’m sleeping sometimes when I’m sitting on the couch watching T.V….I’m not overweight at all, I’m 49 yrs.old, 123ibs., 5’4″ tall, I exercise, I eat right. I looked it up and the only things I could find were possible diabetes, MS,. When i had the allergic reaction it was really bad I developed these wicked welts all over that itched like crazy and my lips and face swelled and I even fainted…Anyway I always feel that’s when it started……..Thanks

  29. HI, I am so happy i found this, When i woke up in the morning, my arm couldn’t move and it felt numb, asleep, and dead, but i didn’t over react though,but i am so happy!!!
    thank you guys!!!

  30. I have had that happen several times before. If I sit on a low chair with my elbows dug into my thighs after a while my legs both go completely dead to the point that standing up is a difficulty. The tingling sensation I end up getting isn’t so much painful as it is extremely ticklish.

    There is no need to worry about this as even while reduced blood flow to a limb is quite often the cause it would have to be severely reduced for the limb to turn blue and even then remain reduced for a long period of time before permanent damage set in.

    On a side note, if you get tingling sensation in the arms during the day with no known cause, then it becomes a problem for the doctors 😉

  31. well i got good news and bad news i have been haveing the same trouble i like to sleep on my belly with my head resting on my hands well my left hand or right hand go numb shake it out and back to normal, today i wokeup back of left hand numb and still numb 5 hours later im calling my doctor. ive been getting numbness in my arms and legs for about 2 years im 37 just figured its me getting older but this may have to do with splender as well since i started rinking diet soda! i will let you know if my feeling comes back .

  32. I’m on the phone with my sister and all of a sudden, my arm goes completely numb. My arm hurts where my armpit is and then it moves down to my elbow. The inside of my elbow, at the point, hurts and my arm still feels really strange. It feels like it’s being squeezed by something hard. I wonder what it could mean. (?).

  33. I have had this numbing and tingling problem on and off for years when I’m sleeping as well and have found that whenever it starts up again I take “Circulation Blend SP-11B” by Solaray, 2capsules 1 to 3 times a day depending on how severe it is for a few weeks and it goes away for several months before coming back. One can take it always of course to avoid it from coming back. All natural and just helps to circulate blood through the body. Good luck!

  34. one time i woke up face down with both
    my arms numb it felt like i really didnt have arms…..but of course they went back to normal in a few seconds

    it was kinda funny now that i look back

  35. I have been having the problems in these posts, only much more severe. This morning I woke up with both of my arms numb and a very heavy pressure like feeling in them. It used to be I could put them by my side and I could feel the blood filling back in, but now that doesnt work and it stays painful and uncomfortable for quite some time. This morning I had to ask my husband to lift the sheet off of me (because I couldnt use my hands/arms) so I could stand up to try to help it which didn’t work anyway. If someone could maybe write something helpful instead of another question or the same experience I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  36. I have CREST scleroderma. For a couple of years prior to the onset of most of my CREST signs and symptoms, I experienced this falling asleep of my arms up to 5 times a night. It turns out that many CREST patients do. This April 2009, a study showed that vasculopathy of the ulnar artery (artery running through the arm) is quite common in scleroderma. In fact, even prior to this it was well known that scleroderma causes all sorts of vasculopathy. Go google “CREST scleroderma” and see if you have any of the other signs of CREST. Sclero.org has lots of information about it.

  37. Some of you probably have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Look it up to find out more information. Try stretching very lightly for a few minutes before sleeping each night to see if that helps.

    Hope this helps!

  38. I had the hand and arm tingling for a long time and none of my Dr’s helped me. Last night I elevated my feet on 2 large pillows when I went to bed and slept all night—no tingling. Could be you just need help with your circulation. It does’nt cost anything. Try it.

  39. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. But I dont usually have problems with carpel tunnel because i lay back in a recliner and try to use wireless mouse so I can keep moving my wrists.

    But I went straight to bed from the pc last night and when I woke up, I had a stiffness pain running from my middle finger joint all the way up my forearm on both arms. It feels like a cramp where you try to stretch it out and it hurts. But it wont go away. It makes the hands so weak that you can hardly type. I tried to actually use a can opener and could not do it at all.

  40. about a week or longer i wake up and my.
    right hand feels likes it asleep and heavy.
    i have sleep apenia dont know if it caused.
    from this i get afraid when i wake up this way
    i hope it not serious problem it scary because
    my hand feels so heavy

  41. Hello,

    I have similar problems as everyone else. Its been happening most of my life (I’m 27). My arms, usually my left will be totally dead when I wake up like everyone else, but now my left hand is numb always. My pinky and half my ring finger.

    I’ve been to the neurologist and he says I have ulnar nerve damage, but it really seems like a blood flow issue.

    He gave me a drug called gapaten (or something like that) it didn’t work. Now he says surgery on my ulnar nerve will fix this. I thought the guy was knife happy, so I got a second opinion. He said the same thing after 30 seconds of being in the exam room with me. So I decided to try and find my own fix, as I’m worried about side effects of surgery.

    I’ll post an update after I try a few weeks of this:


    The important part of this is it has B1(Benfotiamine) and B12 (Methylcobalamin)
    In case you don’t know, both of these in one pill is very hard to find. I’ve never tried it, but its suppose to be amazing for nerve repair and blood flow.

    Just FYI – I’m no way affiliated with this product above, I’m not even sure it will work for me or you. I’m just praying it does, so I can give some great news back to those of us having this problem.

  42. I typically have this problem when I sleep face down and my arm up under my pillow. Its a very scary feeling that you could be doing permanent damage from it. Luckily, its been happening for several years for me and has yet to render anything permanent. I always hated sleeping on my back, but now i feel i pretty much have to to prevent this. I also lift weights (once, heavily into body building) and the problem only seemed to have started once i acquired a bit larger arm size. Perhaps the muscle in my shoulder pinching the artery when my arm is in the raised position. Or I could be totally wrong and it could be attributed to age. The problem does not happen for me, however, unless I sleep with my arm in the up position. Either way, I hope we learn of a good fix for this. My next trip to the doctor, I will bring this problem up and see what kind of information I can get. Then I will post it here. As long as we’re working together on this issue, we’ll get it figured out. Good luck, all! And keep the info coming!

  43. What I’m about to say may sound strange but this is what happened to me. For no apparent reason my arms started falling asleep. Then a few days later my legs fell asleep. This came out of nowhere. I couldn’t get them to wake up. I started freaking out but I felt like I was losing control of my body. I did notice that whenever I went outside I started feeling better. This got so bad that it literally had me in tears and dear Hubby did not know what to do with me. I thought I was going nuts. Because it came out of nowhere and two weeks prior I was perfectly fine, I racked my brain to figure out what changed. I started walking around the house looking all around trying to see what was different. And there I saw it… bug zappers. My husband had just purchased three bug zappers that you plug into your wall socket. I froze! I knew that these things were supposed to give off an ultrasonic wave and strike the nervous system to bugs and rodents. And now my nervous system was compromised from something. I started unplugging them. All three were in rooms I was always in. My home office, garage, and the kitchen. When I pulled the last one out of the socket, a weird sensation happening in my torso stopped. It literally stopped the moment the last one was unplugged. It took six months for my body to heal. It has never happened again. They say these things are safe for people and PETS, but how the heck do they know this? If you have these bug devices, I’d consider getting rid of them.

  44. This happens to me also sometimes. I am althletic so it has nothing to do with being overwieght I am a bodybuilder and thought it had something to do with Nerves and lifting heavy weights. It is a strange feeling. It appears to happen with me because I sleep with my arms under my pillows.

  45. I’ve noticed that my arms tend to fall asleep not only while I’m sleeping, but also periodically throughout the day. I’ve noticed it more after I work out my triceps and shoulders at the gym. I believe this may be happening due to the muscles cutting off blood supply or perhaps the nerves which travel through this area of the body. Thoracic outlet syndrome is sometimes diagnosed in athelets who excessively use their rotator cuffs like pitchers, so I’m wondering if I may have this. Stretching effectively eliminates the issue, along with a warm/hot bath. I think I’ll continue to use these remedies unless it becomes worse.

  46. Hello again,

    So it’s been since Aug of 2009 (its Feb 2010 now) and my numbness is gone! I didn’t use the money hungry doctors that only know “cut then ask questions”. I’m very proud to say that I took a multi-vitamin, drank 1 gallon of water, and walked at 3.5 miles per hour for 25-30 minutes every single day.

    It took about 4 months of hard work (yes drinking that much water in itself is hard work) not to mention the exercise. it was totally worth it though!

  47. unexplained falling following momentary paraalysis in legs on shortterm treatment of cortisone and b12 injestions to no avail anyone hane this problem came from cold climate directly to hot

  48. Everynight my right arm falls asleep about 4:00 am. The only way that I can keep it awake is to prop my head up high on pillows in a setting up sleep position or just let my arm hang off the bed.

    • Hello again,

      The numbness started coming back so I get back on the vitamin b12 called ‘big 15’ you can get it at GNC. Also, I use an arm splint to sleep with at night so I don’t bend my arm (this is when my arm goes to sleep and does the dmg) I think… – Anyway, it’s been another two weeks and I can tell my nerve is repairing itself again. Still drinking 1 gallon of water per day and walking 3.5mph on the treadmill for 20 – 30 mins per day. I hope this helps

  49. Hey guys I have had 3 MRI’s done and they found that I also have some lesions like Kristy, they think that it could b Ms but they’re not sure I have to go in again after a year and its being about 9 mo or so. I just woke up about an hour ago due to my arm falling asleep n I really dont like the feeling. Do any of yall get pain in the arms or legs etc., like someone grab ur nerve or vein n snap it.

    • Hey, I just read that a lack of vitamin B-12 can cause anemia, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs, and weakness. Just throwing it out there for some of yall, I hope that its that simple . Look up vitamin B-12 so that u can get a better understanding of it. God bless .

  50. I have a hypothesis and it is thus:
    For people who occasionally have limbs that fall asleep, do you drink alcohol before going to sleep? Are you extremely tired or working crazy shift-work hours? I believe your body automatically wakes you up enough to adjust your sleeping position when circulation is cut off, but if you go to sleep extremely exhausted or under the influence of alcohol or medicine that causes drowsiness then your sleep will be too deep to be aware of the situation, so you’ll just sleep through it until enough is enough or the alcohol/medicine/extreme tiredness wears off.

  51. A month ago I was doing therapy for extra tight muscles in the middle of my upper back. Apparently I have over worked my shoulders and stopped using my back the way I was supposed to.During the time I did therapy my problems with my arms went completely away.
    I too have had this problem with my arms, it started only in my right arm but for the past few weeks it has been both my arms. I also have found that it is not only while I sleep but also while I sit. It doesn’t matter how I sleep I wake up at least 5 times with both arms being “asleep”. My hands are also being affected, making a fist is becoming harder everyday
    I would suggest trying message and therapy to everyone, now that I have moved I’m going to try to find a good therapist to help !

  52. Hello,

    It’s now sept 2010 and my numbness has come back. I stopped taking b12 and stopped drinking the gallon of water. I was sleeping with arm splints on while sleeping and I stopped doing that too. Full feeling had come back to my arm and fingers for a couple of months, but now they are numb again. I’m going to start with the water, walking, splints, and b12 again and report back. I’d also like to mention that I hit a heavy bag (made for boxers) for about an hour, then next day I barely tapped my elbow on a counter and my entire hand went numb and my fingers have been number since. I have no idea which of these things I listed caused it but I’ll let you all know my findings.

  53. Hi Troy:

    I’e been reading your updates and am going to try the vitamin/water combo that you did. Its sad that no matter how much we try, if we stop the routine, the ailments return.

    I have been having arm and wrist pain in both of my arms for 8 years now, always on and off. I thought it was a pregnancy issue since thats how it started and really the only times I got the pain bad. I have tried splints and they do help sometimes but not enough. This month, I have been doing an overhaul of housework (painting, re-decorating, etc…) and the pain has returned at night and now during the day. Some nights and especially today it is truly unbearable. The pain shooting through my fingers down to my wrist makes me want to scream. I’m going to see my doc again and ask for testing, the splints do not help!

  54. Shirley,

    I’m sorry to hear about your discomfort. My fingers are still slightly numb and it fluctuates from day to day but I’m convinced that it has to do with me sleeping the wrong way. When I think about it, the solutions I’ve com up with basically consist of vitamins and moving them through my body.

    You need b12
    You need a lot of water (I drink a gallon)
    You need to get your blood circulating (doing cardiovascular exercise)

    This makes sense because while sleep blood flow is stopped to those areas that are constricted. During your waking hours if you are moving as much blood around as possible (water, exercise) and combining that with the vitamins (b12 / b6) it will start the healing process. After all, you need blood flow to repair anything. The more of it you get the faster you recover.

    If you just sit around at a computer all day, then sleep the wrong way every day it will take it’s toll. This solution is a band aid to the problem, but at least it gives some relief without the use of drugs that come along with an entire book of side effects.

  55. Two days ago, I went to bed and perhaps fell asleep with my left arm under my pillow..I woke up at 4 am and realised that my hand was lifeless…I was home alone and I just prayed…I felt like I was dreaming…I slapped my arm continuously and revived it…didn’t want to share this until now…now I am a bit afraid to fall asleep,because I worry that this might happen while I am sleeping for many hours and my hand may not revive…I type a lot!

  56. This morning i woke up with a paralized arm aswell .. or however you want to call it. it was there, but also wasnt. i could move my fingers slightly but without feeling anything… so i sat up straight und let my arm pretty much dangle besides my bed. i could kinda feel blood going trough my vains again after a bit and was able to move and feel normal again after about a minute. Scared the shit out of me… i have had a numb arm.. hand etc before, but this was really spooky O_O.

  57. PLEASE people — your numbness is not due to a SPLINT deficiency. If your hand or arm or whatever falls asleep when you’re sleeping on it, or whatever — it’s a CIRCULATION problem, and as Troy mentioned above, it could be due to a b12 deficiency, or b1, or folate (not folic acid).

    Google will help you figure this out.

  58. I also woke with a (dead) like arm… I have had my arms fall asleep for years, but this new experience scared the &%$#@*&^ out of me… it took me 10 minutes to get the feeling back… It was like picking up someone else s dead arm….. I hope i never experience that again….
    My question is: After the circulation being cut off for that long, (I laid on my arm for three and a half hours) could that do any permanent damage?

  59. My husband John has been having problems with his arms and hands going to sleep on and off all day, at night even when he is driving he has shake his hands to help keep them from falling asleep. Its been going on for months. Im starting to get real scared he wont go to Dr, Maybe Chiropractor?? What can this be???

  60. I am having the same problem. It started about three months ago and ever since, I haven’t had a single night where my arms didnt fall asleep. It happens even if I lay on my back with my arms to my sides. Not sure what’s going on but its getting annoying. I’m finding myself tired in the morning because I wake up three or four times a night with numb arms. Someone told me I might have something out of place in my back. Not too sure but I’m in need of a good night’s sleep, uninterrupted.

  61. I have been reading similar stories for the past several hours. Went to bed at 11 last night woke up at 1:00 with my left arm and hand dangling like dead! My wrist looked like it was broken and it took around five minutes to start the flow. The sensations were strong pulsating and tingling but it didn’t wake up as it normally does. I have had tingling, weakness, and numbness in my left arm. shoulder, leg, and foot all day. Tried everything from exercises to hot salt bath. Also my BP dropped to 107 over 45. Feel scared to even think about going to bed! Know I need the rest but the sensations are pretty scarry!

  62. Hello everyone,

    I too have this problem and it does take an emotional toll on a person. It could be many things depending on the individual. I myself had a full spinal and brain MRI MS can be eliminted through a brain mri there are holes in your brain with ms. Diebetes, circulation issues, fibermylagia, ulner nerve being pinched, carpel and cabpel tunnel, I myself had a tumoe on my spine. They removed my tumor a month ago and still dealing with it. I don’t mean to dissapoint but the reason all of you may go to the dr and get different answers and little results is dr still don’t know a lt about nerves. You can have pain and numbness and they just can’t help ypu. Do the research if your lucky enough to have a pinched nerve and surgery or take vitamin B to help consider yourself one of the lucky few…. for the rest keep praying.

  63. I just woke up this morning and my arm was numb. I tried to move it and it wouldn’t go. I was horrified somethin was wrong with my arm. Luckily it got moving after I hit, scratched, pinched, and rubbed it. It still scares me how that happens. I mean what I’d it happens while I’m asleep and I don’t wake up?? I’ll never know. What would happen to my arm then? I’m really scared here. •_•

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