Installing APC on CentOS

Casey needed me to install APC cache for the Scriblio project. It’s a PECL module, and pecl install apc gives an error. Here are some great instructions for getting it all to work.

UPDATE: Casey actually has some instructions that provide a more elegant method of installing APC on CentOS or RHEL. Both methods will work, but Casey’s instructions will get you around the package management problems.

2 thoughts on “Installing APC on CentOS

  1. The (cpan|pecl) installs make me queasy. Having worked at an OS shop and worked closely with linux support folks, I’ve heard a thousand stories that climaxed with “so the lamer installed something via” CPAN/etc “and of course the RPMdb had no freakin’ clue about it.” Stick to ONE metadb for your installation and you’ll be fine, but mix it up and you’ll get just what you need but don’t want.

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