WP Error: The data could not be converted to UTF-8

If you’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.9 and you are now getting UTF 8 conversion errors on your dashboard, you’ll need to take a look at WordPress Trac Ticket #11219.

RSS Error: The data could not be converted to UTF-8

The bottom line is that you’ll need to enable either iconv or mbstring in your PHP configuration. I’m using CoolStack on Solaris 10, so it was a simple matter of uncommenting the following lines from /opt/coolstack/php5/lib/php.ini and restarting apache. While you’re at it, may as well uncomment ctype as well since the new image uploader needs it.

Uncommnet the following lines in /opt/coolstack/php5/lib/php.ini.


Finally, restart apache:

svcadm restart apache22-csk

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