How to Enable SSL for CSWapache2

If you’ve spent any time at all around Solaris 10, you know that Sun has invested a fair amount of effort developing a pretty snazzy Service Management Facility (SMF). It is extremely flexible and feature rich, but it’s not quite as strait forward as the old legacy /etc/init.d scripts. If you’re running the OpenCSW Apache package, it installs a Service Manifest into the SMF, so you’ll have to edit this to run Apache SSL… Here’s how:

# svccfg

svc:> select cswapache2
svc:/network/http:cswapache2> listprop httpd/ssl

httpd/ssl  boolean  false

svc:/network/http:cswapache2> setprop httpd/ssl=true
svc:/network/http:cswapache2> exit

Now, make the changes active:

# svcadm disable cswapache2
# svcadm enable cswapache2
# svcprop -p httpd/ssl svc:/network/http:cswapache2


# svcadm refresh cswapache2
# svcprop -p httpd/ssl svc:/network/http:cswapache2


Wes Anderson Parodies

Courtney points out that urlesque has a post entitled “7 Great Wes Anderson Parodies“. I found Wes’ work through Rushmore and he immediately became my favorite film director of all time! Having joined the creative ranks of Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles and Mike Nichols, imagining what movies like Spiderman or The Lord of the Rings may have been like under his unique style of direction is really quite fun!

Anyhow, visit the Urlesque post for a complete list… My favorite is the Spiderman parody.