Defeating the Government’s Active Denial System

The US government, in its undying lust to find new and exciting ways to keep its citizens under wraps has developed the Active Denial System. This device works by directing electromagnetic radiation at a frequency of 95 GHz toward the subjects. The waves excite water molecules in the epidermis to around 55 C (130 degrees Fahrenheit), causing an intensely painful burning sensation.

While the skin is not actually burned, the sensation is very painful, and can only be tolerated for a few seconds. The focused beam can be directed at targets at a range of just under half a kilometer, or 500 yards, making it a great tool to use on nonviolent protesters or just about anyone who would speak out against the all-mighty government.

I, in my undying lust to find new and exciting ways prevent the police state from exercising its Orwellian control over the public, find myself delighted to tell you how to defeat this system. As anyone who has taken a physics class can tell you, electromagnetic radiation can not penetrate a conductor. This is how a microwave works… Inside your nukerator is all kinds of EM radiation, but the little metal mesh on the front of the door keeps it inside and prevents you from cooking yourself.

Knowing this, we can come up with a host of ways to defeat the Active Denial System. You could create a wire-mesh shield, and bring it with you to your protest. This would work fine, but the mesh would have to be VERY tight, as the ADS delivers a much higher frequency wavelength at 95GHz than the measly 2450 MHz (a wavelength of 12.24 cm) that your microwave uses. You could line your jacket and pants with tin foil – remembering of course that you must also protect your face and neck.

You get the idea, simply put a mesh or sheet of conductive material between yourself and the ADS, and you win… Have fun storming the castle!

Montana Meth Project

I’m not naive enough to believe that the “war on drugs” is anymore winnable than this country’s ludicrous “war on terror”, but those who know me, know that I hate drugs… So, I was happy to learn that, facing a huge meth-amphetamine problem, an organization backed by corporations called The Montana Meth Project has sprung to life and made a seriously concerted effort to dissuade Montana’s youth from using meth.

Yep… You read that one correctly. I’m usually not one to give corporations much credit since they are usually happy to ignore civic responsibility if it will increase the bottom line for their shareholders, but in this case, a group of them have seriously stepped up to the plate, and are attempting to make a real difference.

Using some pretty hard-core TV, radio, and billboard ads, the Montana Meth Project is trying to keep kids off meth by putting the consequences of addiction right in front of their faces. They’ve realized that the usual anti-drug image of police officers droning on about jail time and fines if you are caught with drugs only reinforces the “us against them” attitude and often turns kids towards drugs rather than away from them. By instead focusing on the much more real and humanistic repercussions of drug addiction, they are hoping that Montana’s youth will avoid meth not to simply doge a meaningless fine, but to avoid screwing up their lives.

I, for one, think this is a great idea, and hold myself as an example of why it will work. I have little to no respect for the law, but I do have respect for my own life, health, and well-being. It is for these reasons alone that I have never tried drugs. Let’s hope Montana’s kids find these messages compelling.

Montana Meth Project PSA – That Guy from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Montana Meth Project PSA – Just Once from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Montana Meth Project PSA – Laundry from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Montana Meth Project PSA – Eybrows from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Montana Meth Project PSA – Bathroom from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Sun Talks Some Smack

We all know that Sun is MUCH cooler than Dell, but the company is finally coming out and saying it in no uncertain terms. Apparently They have tried to get these advertisements into several major industry publications, but have been censored at every attempt because someone may find the material offensive.

Yeah… Sure… Much more likely, the editors of these publications are just afraid of loosing Dell as a client. I, for one, think the ads are pretty funny, and I’m glad to see Sun taking on Dell, because I truly feel they have a better product.

Sun says:

Sun Censored but Not Silent
Top business publications refused to run our bold ad concepts because the headlines were thought too controversial. At Sun, we’re the radical engineers that build “ass-whoopin” technology – we’re not Miss Manners and we never want to be. We ask all you contrarians out there to e-mail us your own provocative ad headlines: See the remarkable benchmarks for the new Sun Fire tm X2100, X4100, and X4200 64 bit X86 servers and you’ll understand why we have license to brag.

They’re not quite as cool as “Benchmark Studies Prove That Dell Sucks” or “100% More Bitchin’ Than Dell”, but Sun is currently running some fairly edgy ads that are along the same lines. I just wish I could pick up “SysAdmin” and find the ads below in them.

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