Boston Suspects Talk About Hairstyles

As Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens walked out of the Charlestown District Court yesterday, they completely disarmed the media in the most artful way I have ever seen! They would talk about 70’s style haircuts, and only 70’s style haircuts. These are the guys who were arrested for putting up trowies around Boston that depicted an advertisement for “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” on Adult Swim.

The police, in their infinite draconian wisdom, thought the light-bright type images were bombs, and promptly overreacted, freaked out, and shut down entire sections of the city. What fools! This same publicity stunt was carried out in 10 other cities, but Boston officials were the only ones to panic.

Tracy O’Connor, 34, a retail manager, called Boston’s response “silly and insane,” contrasting it with the response in the other cities where no one reported any concerns about the devices – an advertising gimmick for the TV show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

“We’re the laughing stock,” she said.

I could not agree more. It’s this kind of paranoid mentality that truly takes away our freedom and is ruining our country. We have become afraid of our own shadows!

UPDATE: Make has some nice detail images of the actual devices that these guys installed, as well as some interesting discussion.

Sun Talks Some Smack

We all know that Sun is MUCH cooler than Dell, but the company is finally coming out and saying it in no uncertain terms. Apparently They have tried to get these advertisements into several major industry publications, but have been censored at every attempt because someone may find the material offensive.

Yeah… Sure… Much more likely, the editors of these publications are just afraid of loosing Dell as a client. I, for one, think the ads are pretty funny, and I’m glad to see Sun taking on Dell, because I truly feel they have a better product.

Sun says:

Sun Censored but Not Silent
Top business publications refused to run our bold ad concepts because the headlines were thought too controversial. At Sun, we’re the radical engineers that build “ass-whoopin” technology – we’re not Miss Manners and we never want to be. We ask all you contrarians out there to e-mail us your own provocative ad headlines: See the remarkable benchmarks for the new Sun Fire tm X2100, X4100, and X4200 64 bit X86 servers and you’ll understand why we have license to brag.

They’re not quite as cool as “Benchmark Studies Prove That Dell Sucks” or “100% More Bitchin’ Than Dell”, but Sun is currently running some fairly edgy ads that are along the same lines. I just wish I could pick up “SysAdmin” and find the ads below in them.

Click on the small images below to take you to the larger versions.