Automattic Has Purchased Gravatar

I was just reading and realized that Automattic has acquired Gravatar. I stopped using the Gravatar service when Bork wrote “MyBlogLog” support into his Sexy Comments plugin because it was unreliable and only served up avatars about half the time.

I immediatly switched back to Gravatar upon realizing that Automattic had acquired it, and found that it not only works reliably not, but all the features that were previously paid are now free. Once again, the folks at Automattic have really come through for us! There is just something wonderful about using software that you can really feel good about, and I honestly feel that way about WordPress, Gravatar, Akismet, and all Automattic products. One gets the feeling that that these people are really trying to make the world a better place through their software.

Sexy Comments WordPress Plugin

I’m proud to be the first to test out Matt’s new Sexy Comments plugin. Since the comments on a few of my stories have taken on feel similar to that of a discussion group, I was glad to see Matt working on a layout that allowed the user to personalize their comment by adding an avatar. Last evening we discussed it and I convinced him to turn the jazzed-up comments layout into a WordPress plugin so that the whole world could benefit from it. Apparently the poor guy stayed up all night working on it, although I don’t feel bad for him since he kept me up until 10:30 with constant billiards challenges and I had to be at work by 5:00 AM! Not to mention I’m mad because he never told me he was such a pool shark.

It gets the picture from Gravatar, so if you have not uploaded an avatar to the service, do so, and your picture will show up next to your comments. Thanks Matty for the great plugin!