Olympus C7000 Housing

Not that I needed any more reasons to love my Olympus C7000 but I have to say that I was pretty psyched when I realized that I could get this housing for it that is rated to 200 feet. Normally, when a person goes looking for a camera housing, he goes to backscatter or light and motion, and ends up paying something like $1,000 just for the housing, but this sweet little rig can be had for less than $270!

It also has the added sweetness of not being too large, which is really nice when you have to manage a rebreather, and complex dive profiles. I’ve never been much of an underwater photographer, but there has been countless times that I’ve wished I could take some simple snapshots of the things I’ve seen. As far as I can tell, this little housing do the trick nicely.

99 Dollar ROV

It’s not remotely operated, so you can’t really call it an ROV, but the guys over at engadget.com and divester have posted stories about this nifty little 99$ creation last week, and I think it’s pretty cool. Apparently it was made for under $100 in just two weeks. It has two cameras, an IR illuminator, some cleverly bent PVC pipe, one heck-of-a-lot of zip ties, a glow stick, and a 100 foot tether by which it receives power, and sends a video feed to the surface. I especially like the clamps that hold the camera housing together.

They didn’t mention the depth rating, but assuming that the tether could be extended, and the housing could take the pressure in deeper waters, this might really be a great technical diving tool for finding wrecks, and attaching decent lines to them. Of course the lack of thrusters would be problematic for working in waters with current, but I can think of one primed-to-dive wreck in Lake Tahoe that sits in 400 feet of water with no line on it that this baby might just be able to lend a hand with. Can you say S.S. Tahoe?

I’m actually thinking about making one of these for myself. If I do, here is a list of things that I would add to it:

  • Two Sartek HID Underwater video lights
  • An arm for attaching lines to underwater wrecks
  • A longer tether (400 Feet)
  • A stronger lexan housing if needed

I guess I’m pushing the price point up a little over the $99 mark, but what why not? I can use the lights on my video camera (when I get one), and I might just hook onto a nice shipwreck.