Girl in Clinton’s “Red Phone” Ad Supports Obama

It turns out that the sleeping little girl in Hillary Clinton’s “Red Phone” TV advertisement is supporting Barack Obama. The Clinton campaign used stock footage of the girl who is now of voting age and calls “Red Phone” ad “Fear Mongering”. I guess the Clinton crew should have thought about that.

James Carville Pouts – Howard Dean Celebrates

James Carville seems to lack the ability to understand that his myopic view of political campaign funding is outdated and wrong. DNC Chairman Howard Dean has always flown in the face critics like Carville by asserting that the DNC should fund Democratic campaigns in all fifty states, and his plan works! Democratic candidates have won a number of unexpected victories in the 2006 election, and we now control both the houses of congress.

James Carville, however, continues to pout and complain. He, along with a couple of other Washington establishment types say that we could have won even more House seats had Dean funneled more money into them.

Well, screw you Carville! Nobody even expected us to win the Senate until a few weeks before the election, and had we followed your idiotic plan for funding campaigns, we wouldn’t have, because we’d have given up on winning in states Like Virginia and Montana long before the election even took place. Apparently Carville and his likes just can’t accept being wrong and learning from those who are smarter than them. After all, it’s idiots like these guys who worked so hard to torpedo Deans Presidential campaign, and run Kerry instead. Yeah, sure… We should listen to them!

For his part, Dean responded in a very cool, calm, professional manner.


It was a great win for what I call the new Democratic Party. This is the new Democratic Party. The old Democratic Party is back there in Washington, sometimes they still complain a little bit.

What’s Up With the Howard Bean Cafe?

Patrick Mullikin, who aparently sold Riverwalk Records last month has not sold the other names associated with his business, most notably “The Howard Bean Cafe” and “Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest”.

One word… BUMMER! regardless of the fact that I visit Montpelier just about every weekend, I don’t think I would have ever known about Riverwalk Records had it not been for the Howard Bean Cafe inside.

Mulkin writes:

Bob On The Auction Block?

How would it feel? How would it feel? To be the one who owns. . . the Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest?

Patrick Mullikin, who sold Riverwalk Records last month, is considering selling the registered trade name, The Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest.

“While I have kept it a free community event, it does have the potential to be a money-maker for the right company or individual — say, for example, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. From a publicity standpoint, this event it is priceless. Dylan’s popularity continues to grow, and people are willing to stand up before an audience to imitate him. Odder yet is that there is an audience willing to watch all this.”

The annual event has gained international attention and/or notoriety, during its two years, and Mullikin says he’s heard people as far away as Australia who have expressed interest in participating in next year’s event, which he had planned to hold in the fall. “We had more than 225 people attend last year’s event. I also own the registered trade name The Howard BEAN: A Cafe for America, which I might be interested in selling as well as Mr. Dean continues to gain notoriety. It would not surprise me at all to see him in the next presidential race.”

The new owner of Riverwalk Records, Jacob Grossi, did not want to continue the cafe or purchase the Howard BEAN name.

Interested parties may contact Mullikin at 802 229-9905 or email him

“Great Green Mountain Bob Dylan Wanna-Be Contest” seems like a great thing, although I admit I don’t know much about it. From what I hear it is basically an open mic where people sing Dylan tunes and imitate him with the hopes of winning the contest by replicating that Bob Dylan nasally tone. Aparently it’s pretty popular so I’m sure someone will pick it up.

The loss of the Howard Bean Cafe, however is a true tragedy! Howard Dean continues to be a visionary and bring light to the Democratic party. Having the “Howard Bean” twist on his name in such a public light servers to remind people about the excellent work he is doing for us, and as Vermonters, it makes up proud. If you are ever in Riverwalk Records and see the new owner Jacob Grossi, give him a talking to about his decision to not bring along the Howard Bean name. I know I will!

Downing Street Memo picks up traction

Not to revisit recent topics, but I must say that I really am amazed that the mainstream press has finally started talking about the Downing Street Memo. More than two months after the memo was leaked, the so-called “liberal” media has finally gotten around to covering it, albeit not with much enthusiasm.

Not that they came to it on their own, mind you. Bloggers have bee covering it since it came out and congress has taken note with many House and Senate Republicans demanding an explanation from the White House. Democracy For America even has a petition with more than a half a million signatures calling for an independent investigation, yet somehow, up to now, the major news sources have fallen silent.

When bloggers, and the United States Congress cover a political scandal like the Downing Street Memo long before the major news sources we are supposed to be trusting for independent, objective reporting, we have to start asking ourselves about the integrity of our Nation’s media. We are living in a time when multinational conglomerates control both our politicians and our news sources. They used their money to finance the campaigns of their pocketed politicians, and their news channels to ensure the public maintains a favorable opinion of them. While voters maintain an illusion of the electoral final say, the truth is a disturbing flourish of Orwellian smoke and mirrors.

Sign the petition! >
Read the Memo! >

Howard Dean Speaks for me!

I’m getting a little sick and tired of hearing supposed Democrats wine and complain about how Howard Dean in not speaking for them. Dean mentions that Republicans are mostly a “White, Christian” party; a statement that is entirely backed up by scientific data, and these cowards get scared and start knifing him in the back again.

Maybe it’s true. These fair weather Democrats have clearly bought into the Republican lies and rhetoric, and are now feeling guilty about their own political party and convictions. In that case, Howard Dean, a person who is willing to stand up for his beliefs and the values of his party, is most certainly not speaking for them, or anyone else who lacks the backbone to speak out against those in power.

I have a message for these wavering politicians. Howard Dean speaks for me, and he speaks for a lot of other people that would still be cynical and uninterested in government had it not been for his empowering message! Not only is he the first politician I have ever campaigned for, he is also the first political candidate to whom I’ve made a campaign contribution. If the Democratic party is to form a cohesive unit with a single, powerful message, we need Howard Dean at the helm.

So join me in demanding that these “Democrats” stop knifing the leader of our party in the back. By doing this, they are not only weakening their own credibility, they are destroying our chances of taking our country back from the Neo-Conservitive radicals in power.

Sign the “Howard Dean Speaks for me petition > 
Cheney’s runs his mouth again >


Bad News for Donie Fowler

Things have started spiraling downward for Donnie Fowler’s chances at the DNC chair, since the Association of State Democratic Chairs voted overwhelmingly against him to support democratic rock star Howard Dean.

Donnie Fowler Jr., a party strategist and son of former national chairman Don Fowler, did enjoy a brief glint of hope Monday, when the 17 member Executive Board of the Association of State Democratic Chairs recommended him to the larger 112 member body. He even went so far as to suggest that Dean’s campaign for the position was “inevitably over”, but when all the dust settled, the Association of Chairs ignored the Executive Board, and voted for Howard Dean by a three to one margin.

Now, with the AFL-CIO staying out of the race, individual unions are free to decide which, if any candidate they wish to support. This was the final straw for Martin Frost, who had been hoping for the endorsement. He dropped out of the race on Tuesday.

It now seems as if Howard Dean is virtually sure to become the next face of the Democratic Party. Needless to say, this has Republicans worried that they may not be able to match his energetic style and ability to organize strong grass root campaigns.

Howard Dean speaks at Plymouth State University

Howard Dean Speaks at PSU from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Today at 2:30 EST, on the eve of the most important election of my lifetime, Howard Dean came to Plymouth State University and delivered a most rousing speech. Since I work at the University, the staff handed me a Kerry sign and asked me stand right up front and wave it high for all the news media to see. This was great since it put me in a prime location to capture some pictures and video.

Even though we were all there to show our support for Kerry, I couldn’t help noticing how many Dean t-shirts, stickers and buttons were scattered throughout the audience. I have to admit that, watching him speak, I began feeling saddened that it wouldn’t be his name I’d be seeing on the ballot tomorrow. Maybe it’s because I’m a Vermonter, or maybe it’s just because I admire Howard Dean’s honesty and integrity, but he is, and always will be, my political hero! DEAN 2012!