Gas Blending Disaster

I will never suggest that a person refrain from messing around with something because it is dangerous. I have always held the belief that given proper respect for the lives of those around them, people should be left free to do their best, or worse as the case may be.

That being said, this article about a diver who, while filling scuba tanks, more or less burned his house down with an oxygen fire really shows us why it is important to be careful when handling high pressure oxygen.

I guess this guy was blending NITROX and the line caught fire. He wasn’t able to get the tank shut down before the whole place went up in flames. From what the article tells us, he was blending the gas himself because he didn’t hold a cert for it, and couldn’t buy it at dive shops. I guess he’d also been known to boost steel tanks up to 4500 psi with pure oxygen.

There are a lot of people out there holding this as an example of why nobody should be blending their own gas. I think this mindset is ridiculous! I frequently blend my own NITROX and TRIMIX, but I’m constantly mindful about the presence of hydrocarbons and adiabatic heating. I can’t say I would boost pure oxygen to 4500 psi, but there is absolutely no reason that divers can’t safely handle high pressure oxygen and blend their own gasses.

Oxygen Fire

Oxygen Fire

Dump Truck Crash Video

Everyone loves the idea of smashing fast-moving things into hard objects, but the guys who drove this dump truck into a concrete barrier really outdid themselves. I have absolutely no idea why they did it, but I’m sure glad they did. I only wish they would have loaded the thing up with boulders first.

Dump Truck Crash from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.

Mishap with a Truck Full of Missiles

A truck full of missiles exploded in a South Korean tunnel Wednesday, but luckily nobody was harmed. Officials have been trying to downplay the explosion, but despite their efforts, it has become international news, resulting in widespread criticism of the South Korean government.

Apparently, the truck was one of the four cargo vehicles carrying warheads and boosters for Nike-Hercules missiles from an air base in Sunchon, South Cholla Province, to another base in Taegu.

The incident seems to be worrying citizens about the lack of security and safety measures in South Korean society. They point to a series of disasters such as the subway fires in Taegu which killed hundreds of people.

From The Korea Times:

The incident also enhances public concerns about the status of military discipline and order, which has been seriously eroded because of the outbreak of serious accidents. In addition, it is expected to prompt the government to replace the obsolete Nike-Hercules missiles with second-hand Patriot missiles as quickly as possible, because they are prone to accidents. Korea is the only country that still operates the Nike-Hercules missiles, which were developed in the 1950s. At present, some 200 are deployed in the country.

Fireworks Factory Explosion Video

I found this video of a fireworks factory explosion a little while ago. Finding solid information about it has been difficult, but it’s pretty shocking to watch. While I’m glad I was not the one holding the camera, I can’t say I would have done anything differently if I’d been in his shoes.

From the looks of things, the camera operator was quite a distance from the epicenter, but after seeing the final explosion, I would imagine he was pretty shaken up at the very least. If anyone has any information about this video, please post a comment. Click the image to check it out.

Fireworks Factory Explosion from Cliff Pearson on Vimeo.