Registering Solaris CLARiiON Hosts With QLA 2310 HBAs

Sun Microsystems likes the QLA 2310 Fiber Channel HBA. It’s only a 2Gig card, but it works with the Sun native driver, which makes it wonderful for us Solaris Administrators. Unfortunately, it does not integrate perfectly with EMC CLARiiON SANs because it does not register properly with Navasphere. Even if you manually register the host, the LUNs will not be presented to the host because the agent can’t pass commands to the array.

To remedy this situation on my Solaris 8 host, I used the following procedure:

Edit the /etc/system file and add the following line:

set fcp:ssfcp_enable_auto_configuration=1

Next, I rebooted my Solaris host with the “-r” flag:

reboot -- -r

Next I checked Navisphere to make sure my paths have logged in. They were, so I logged into the Solaris host and ran the following commands:


I then saw the storage that was presented to my host. Finally, I restarted the Navisphere agent and started using my new LUNs.

Sunlight over Fiber

Since I work in a office building that has no windows, gets no fresh air, and has no natural light, I’ve often thought about how nice it would be if we could simply pipe some sunlight in over fiber optics. We would all get a lot more vitamin D, probably be a lot nicer to each other through the long, New England winters.

Needless to say, I got excited when Al sent me a link to Sunlight Direct. Using mirrors on top of buildings, sunlight is focused into a bundle of fiber optic cables, where it is piped to its destination and used to light rooms with 100% natural light. Just think of the jungles of plants that will start popping up in office buildings everywhere once these things become mainstream.

There is a video demo, as well as a Discovery Channel segment about the product. They also have a FAQ where you can learn about their beta test program, and find out about how one goes about turning the things off.

Apparently these lights can just about do it all. The company claims:

With Hybrid Solar Lighting, it is now possible to control and maximize these effects to increase sales, increase productivity, increase wellness, etc. while also reducing energy consumption.

I don’t doubt it, but I bet they cost a fortune to install… I just know that I want one for my office!